Dropped loot wrong category

Platform: PC

Description: Dropped resources shows up in the wrong category in the loot-backpack that you drop.

Steps To Reproduce: Drop any resource and it ends up in the equipment category.

Images / Videos: See below

Host or Client: Host

Players in your game: Han-style “Solo”

Specifications: N/A

Yeah ok that aint right
I’ll check if its on Xbox

Confirmed on PC/Steam that resources (recycle icon) also gets listed in items category (cogwheel).
Not ammo etc, just resources, that is not excluded when selecting items category.

Confirmed for Playstation.
Checked it yesterday. Ressources are shown in the categories “Gear” and “Recycling”.

I also checked, if flares are shown in both categories, too, as they are an useable item and a crafting ressource (resistance weapon-pack, flare arrows), but they are just shown in “Gear”.

I thought that could possibly be part of the reason, combined with some faults in development.

Does anybody know if this is new since the last update or if it was before, too?