Dropping a weapon into storage box, ties it to all ammo in the box of the same type (when picking it up with another char at least)

I7 6700k 1080 etc etc

Repro, In this case toss an Exp Kpist tied to ~400 FMJ 9mm ammo into the box, and later picking it up with another char, in this case a ‘mule’ makes it take the weapon (whose attachements isn’t visible in the box, while they still are fully removable under the attachments tab, while not even there visible as tied to a weapon, so easy to dismanlte the wrong stuff) Results in it dragging all the stored >4.5k 9 mm FMJ ammo from the storage as an ‘attachment’, resulting in quite some weight added, even as he were already carrying some 9 mm FMJ ammo.

Game breaking? No!
Annoying? Slightly.
Risk of taking weapons apart by mistake and give pieces away, or recycling them by mistake? High!

Going OT from original bug-report subject and into feedback territory Quite high.

Suggested solution: Let us ‘lock down’ weapons as a ‘unit’ when equipped and stay that way in storage. Hide their attachments in the box, and or make it clear that they are tied to a specific weapon. Hidden they could show the way they show on equipped weapons, on the ‘attachment line on the weapon’, instead of visible as ‘free’ in the spare junk attachment tab in the box

Boring video showing it suddenly tied to all ammo:

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Hmm. Could this be the cause why I, when I grabbed my KVM 59 from the storage box, suddenly had 20,000+ rounds of 7.62 ammo in my backpack? I don’t think I had stored that amount of ammo in the storage box in the first place.


I already had ~100 fmj in the MP5 he carried, so it were a bit of a surprise.

(I organized the loot/ammo a bit better after finding that little oddity).

Another example - I found today another X-Kvm 59. I’ve dropped it into my Plundra and started panicking for a short while, because all my 7,62 FMJ was gone.

The ammo attached itself to Kvm automatically and moving it to Plundra moved also all my ammo.

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There seems to be some kind of auto equip mechanic with the weapons implemented. I started from scratch and found a **-Meusser which auto-equipped the ammunition and the scope, so I could get rid of the *-Meusser :thinking: