Dropping The Companion in a Backpack and giving to a friend

Dropping The Companion in a Backpack and giving to a friend, can I give my companion to a friend

You can, it does nothing beneficial other than require you to relog

so it doesn’t give 2 compainions to add to the weapon wheel

Someone tested it yet and reported it somewhere here. You can just carry one at once.

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But can you give it to a friend that doesn’t have the companion dlc?

Why shouldn’t it be possible?
The companion is free content for everyone.
The dlc just adds more modules.

Modules are part of the personal configuration of each player. If you drop your robot, another player that didn’t do the mission yet should then be able to pick it up and use it… But it should still load the personal configuration of the new player, not of the original owner, so dlc content still wouldn’t be available for the new player.

Didn’t test it to prove it yet.

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Pretty sure youre correct on that one. The companion loads the config from whoever holds it, so maybe it would do a similar for someone who hasnt done the mission, or just cant be picked up at all from them.