Dual wielding handguns

I will be completely honest, tier for tier, handguns are just worse than rifles. Would you want to take a 5c klauckel or a 5c ai-76 for pure dps. Same with experimental weapons too, exp .44 magnum or exp ag4, once again the exp ag4 is better for dps.

I propose a solution to this issue of underpowered weapons. Dual wielding. You might just want to take a handgun out with you if you could equip a first aid kit/ firework/ binoculars etc… at the same time. Or if you wanted to you could equip two handguns at once (granted you would have to actually have two handguns, it wouldnt creat one out of thin air).

Now of course, this would need to be a skill or augment most likely, which would be fine. Another issue is if you have two things equiped at once how would you be able to heal (presuming you have the first aid kit equiped), aim your handgun, and fire when most mice only have the left and right click being convenient for these actions. My proposition is to disable being able to ads while you have two things equiped, the left click would fire the handgun, and the right click would either fire the second handgun or use the item. Another problem is you would be one handing a handgun so there will be more recoil and bullet spread. Especially if you would be dual wielding handguns, there would definitely be more recoil and bullet spread needed to compensate the added firepower.

This fix to how handguns are used wouldnt directly make them stronger (unless you dual wield two handguns). But instead it would make them more versatile with options and effectivness, adding to different ways to play the game.

Another thing i forgot to add is adding this would free up item wheel space making those people happy as well.

Depends on how it could be done.
Image for one handed guns to have an attachment slot for adding a second gun to use them dualwielded. In that case you would just need a slot on the wheel for the first gun.
This could be a gun of the same type and/or class or you could be totally free of which weapon or item you place in the second hand.

Another idea would follow a suggestion I once made.
Imagine a setup of the character like in many rpgs where you can place different items on different places of the body.

I once thought that this could be cool for a revamp of apparel, which isn’t just cosmetic. Body armor, helmets, armor for knees and elbows, additional bags and so on. There could also be a slot with a holster for a second handgun that just can be used when using a one handed item or weapon.

Or my last thought was that slots on the wheel where just a one handed item or weapon is placed on there could be an ability (skill) that the slot splits into two for a second one handed item or weapon.

Your last thought of there the wheel slot splits into two was where i was going with my idea

I don’t have a problem with the current power of the handguns, but I don’t use them the same way I do any primary weapons. I use the handguns to finish off damaged machines—empty the AI76 into’em, then swap to the Volkov and give’em the finishing blow, etc—or against weaker machines exclusively—sniping Runner’s fuel tanks with the .44…

But, yeah, I DO want to see dual-wield introduced at some point. That would open up the possibility of using the handguns more like primaries. Twin Skorpions/Vosas, or twin Ingrams/COM-10s…yes, please. As you say, accuracy, recoil control and reload speed should all be penalized, any which way it goes.

There are all kinds of different ways dual-wielding has been done before.
“No ADS, one trigger works one gun, other trigger works the other gun, player free to fire them together, or alternate, or whatever…”
“ADS still works, normal trigger fires both guns together, simultaneously…”
“ADS still works, normal trigger fires the guns separately—one, then the other, then the other, alternating until both are empty…”