Duplicate asset placements (in the same spot)

Platform: PC

To make this report most clear to the casual reader: multiple similar assets have been deployed in the same spot. They are intersecting and z-fighting.

Examples (sayings, food plate, picture):

The new map should get thoroughly checked for those (and not by us players).

Look closely at the top picture. Someone’s nailed one cross-stitch quip over the top of another!

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What Flick says. Same with the food and the picture on the wall.

We ALL helped tremendously in cleaning up the old map. Now this. The first place I visit on the new island is full of this and other stuff. I can’t understand this.

@tene My post and my headline are about placement not about the copy/paste style of development. All of the three examples show duplicate assets in the same place.

Ah was not aware you were talking about z fighting, your original post made it seem like you were talking about literal duplication. I find z fighting is better represented in video format, as that better shows XYZ infighting than a flat image. Apologies will remove my previous posts.

I think you were the only one on the wrong track.

z-fighting usually relates to overlapping textures. That isn’t that. This is about two of the same mesh assets being in close but not perfectly overlapping proximity. Like when you see one rubbish bin only 10cm away from another bin. Or like the two knives by the left-hand plate in the second image. In the first, the asset autoplacement robot accidentally placed a second folk cross-stitch in a reasonable place, not realising it had already placed one near by. That’s the ‘bug’. I’m not sure if the robot can automatically fix it. Naively I’m thinking it could check the distance between each asset and every other asset of the same type, and dump the second one if it’s within a threshold. But that’s going to take something around O(n2) checks since it’s essentially a bubblesort, and I’m not sure it’s worth it. If you check for similar assets, well, that’s more fiddly.

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The picture on the wall actually shows z-fight. The words in the knit saying as well. Same with the food on the plate.

Ah there we go there’s some more sensible information! I’m kinda new to even looking into this stuff, so my intuition is more basic. This sort of issue is a nitpick, but still good the devs are aware of it than not so they can ninjapatch it somewhere along the way :slight_smile:

I originally thought you were talking about them reusing assets in multiple places too. :upside_down_face:

I’ve seen a few pictures placed over different pictures


And this is what I am not talking about:

No you are a nitpick. :slight_smile:

The actual pain is that this caravan seems to exist all over the new island, with this duplicate assets replicated each time.

I see. Somehow I completely misunderstood.

No you didn’t. You exactly got what I was saying.