Duplication Bug, shotgun choke


PC, Steam, Solo. Running on decent (Geforce 960, 16g ram).

Shotgun choke (good) once put in the new storage box, is not removed upon attempted removal. Instead, I can remove unlimited of them. I placed 2 in that I had found. One refuses to be removed and instead duplicates per request.



That’s weird… Is it the only weapons mod that does this? I need to try this myself when I’m ingame. I suppose it’s one way of getting ahold of as many shotgun chokes as you want, though that’s considered an exploit so I can’t recommend it. I’m sure we’ll see this fixed in due time.

Edit: I just tried to replicate it and couldn’t. Oh well, thanks for reporting it anyway :slight_smile:


I can confirm. On ps4, worn AG4 with no mods, full stack of 20 adrenaline, and a full stack of 20 simple medkits duplicate when I try to extract them. Maybe some might see it as an exploit, I see it as a nuisance.