Dying from a bump against a tank

I was riding a bicycle, took a sharp turn and bumped against a tank; out of the blue I was in the air, hit the ground and was dead - from 100 to 0 HP like that.

Is this normal? I’m not sure how fast I was going, but I don’t think I was very fast, and being instakilled for having bumped a tank and being hurled so high in the air that I was killed by hitting the ground seems a bit much.

I was playing on PC as a player.

It is indeed normal to die
when you fall on the ground out of the sky.

The collision system while riding a bike
is something what I really don’t like.


Yeah, my doubt wasn’t as much as dying by falling, as it was being hurled so high - not even ahead, in vertical - to die by bumping with an ostacle while on a bicycle.