Dyvik mission bug Xbox One

At Dyvik. I cannot complete the mission ‘strength in numbers’ as the objective is to ‘clear all machines’ and even though I have killed them all the objective is not completed. Also at the house in Dyvik next to the safe house there is a locked door and even though I have the lock picks and the skill ‘lock picking’ it will not let me unlock the door.

Yeah, it’s a known issue. Not all the machines spawn in, so you can never finish the mission. As for the door, I assume it’s related to the quest, and therefore requires a key to unlock.

The door in the dyvik house is quest related. At least that is what everyone has been telling me but i have not made it to that quest yet so i can not confirm. But be careful with that room hunters and runners like to get stuck in that room after glitching through the wall so it can be a pain in the ass trying to take them out unless you are able to shoot them through the windows. Except when you kill the hunters they create an audio glitch that is really loud due to clipping through the walls when they are dead so you may want to turn down the volume when you kill them. I almost went deaf because of that glitch lol

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