Early Feedback & Frustrations

First of all let me say i’m enjoying the game but am frustrated as it could and should be so much better on especially on my platform of choice Xbox.

Here is my feedback based on some frustrations encountered so far.

Inventory System

The inventory system is currently stuck in the 80s as well as us players.

There needs to be the following basic functionality added as where I play on console its even worse than on PC,

  1. There needs to be some auto sort filters.
    Sort by health items, ammo, distraction etc.

  2. Assigning an item to a quick slot should be a simple case of highlighting the item and hiting the respective direction on the D Pad, not the jumping through hoops we currently need to do.

  3. When a quick slot is assigned it should be all of that item in your inventory and operate that it exhausts the lesser stack first.

Example I have 2 stacks of minor healing a 20 & 6 the coding does in fact recognise you have the combined total of 26 as it displays the culmlative number when you go and use one but once a stack is used up it empties the quick slot.

  1. Dropping items should be highlight item hit a button not open up a menu move cursor to drop then hit a button.

  2. Looting when having a full inventory needs you to be able to swap items in and out of the loot stack. Exiting the loot stack and having to do drop then go back into the loot stack is just cumbersome.

Quest notes that make references to places in a town or other area not named on the map seems an odd choice. Its like looking for a needle in a haystack in a field full of haystack.


  1. Changing ammo in weapons should be a button press from within the main view and not need entry into the menus.

  2. More clarity is needed to see at a quick glance what attachments and level of attachments are fitted to a weapon.

Map & Nav points

  1. When we mark a nav point on the map it tells us the the distance why dosnt the in world nav point show this same detail.

  2. Buildings that are marked on the map could they change colour to reflect they have been visited and further change colour to show 100% looted.

Storage Boxes a possibility in Safe Houses?

Why cant we go prone?

Could the Stamina Bar be visible?

Could there be an option to disable going into 3rd person when knocked over, it looks bad?

Could we have an option to have the currently tracked mission toggle on and off the screen at the press of a button.

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