Easter Eggs... with map location please

Strange, can’t find my topic here anymore.

My question was/is about the locations of the Easter eggs.

Found a YT instruction, but it only was based on coördinates. I need a map indication.

If anyone is able to - thanks so much.

Here it is:

Thx. but the topic :smiley:

If you can’t find your mission, easiest way to help remember is to go to your own topics map. There you can look back what you posted recently.

About the coordinates, there is no easy way. You have to move you mouse on the x-y-axes until you are on the right spot. Normally if you would enjoy just exploring the world, you would find most things organically, which is how it should go.

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Or they could download the map you posted with everything on it

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There are only a couple of easter eggs on there.

For instance, the Shining easter egg is not on it. :wink:
nor is the Star Wars easter egg hidden in the lightside and darkside gnome.

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Well… Gysberts’ map is with my Favorites/Bookmarks for a long time.
But it’s also a lot visual info of high to low targets.

My question is purely how to finetune map coördinates.
A lot of things can’t be found ‘organically’. That’s exactly the point.

The example given by me is a ‘need to know’: blow up some rocks and you’ll find an Easter egg.

Do you see yourself blowing up every rock in the hope of finding a probably Easter Egg in this Great and great Open World? :laughing:

I imagined this one. That’s no fun and too hard. Then, walking at a certain location, you should be endless moving towards ( if ever possible) a specific location. Relative effort is too much at this point.
Locations, purely based on coördinates, are too frustrating for me. Hope the DEVs will build such a searchbar. For now: this fun (and their effort) will be skipped by me.

I would love to have a feature to be able to set own favourites for locations. Custom waypoints, by coordinates (type in) or selected location on the map, with the ability to name them.

Or in short:
An editable version of gysberts map ingame. :sweat_smile:


A really very good idea. This small feature would significantly increase the quality. Customised text markers would not be built in from devs, I guess. But several freely placeable different symbols would be great.


But does Gysberts’ map have the visual indicators of a easter egg location?

Don’t see that at the moment.

Yes. They are in Orange text. But as I said earlier, I don’t have them all.
I just updated the map today, made the orange text a bit lighter and some other nick nacks. So if you use a downloaded version, re-download it. Or if you use the Google Drive view version, then you always have the latest version.

O the view can be too small, for the older gamer with no longer 20/20 vision, but several presses of Ctrl key + Plus sign enlarges, and Ctrl + zero key sets browser back to normal view.

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[quote=“Gysbert, post:12, topic:44295”]
O the view can be too small, for the older gamer with no longer 20/20 vision, but several presses of Ctrl key + Plus sign enlarges, and Ctrl + zero key sets browser back to normal view.
[/quote] What are those glasses at Bunker 66 :nerd_face:


EDIT: I do use the updated version, never too many details - what a job!
So in the case of my e.g. Averholm orchard is the location of this Egg.

Going for it right now.

Nah, walked around and searched everywhere, but can’t find it in this area - wíth my pair of glasses.
Grrr… looked at the red text - there should be one here, but you were referring to the orange text locations.
My fault…

But at last found Klacksundsfyren, the hidden cave.

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The glasses on the map you mean? Those show the location of special glasses which, if picked up, are added to your Apparel. There are three of those special Glasses. When you equip them, you get a different world view. It’s just a fun thing. Not something you’d really want to use long. You most likely already collected them.

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This world never ceases to amaze me…

There they are, and again a big thx to @Gysbert.

Maybe I’ll add screenshots of how it looks like if they are equipped.

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Wow, whát a list! Beautiful, but complex game.

the black & white glasses are my favorite, :nerd_face:, kinda looks like those old black & white movies, or TV series Tales from the darkside

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Found the Milestone, but what to do with that?

Gun in Campfire: found.

That’s very hard to find - if you don’t know coördinates! (and swimming)

But… let’s be real: who could? Without the map of Gysbert? Very, very few I think.

I don’t remember her at the gun & campfire, but I haven’t been there in a while, maybe updates have added somthing