Eastern European Weapons pack ammo problem

For RPG rounds, the best source of dropped amounts are Firebirds. The salvage skill increases amounts from tanks and ammo boxes.

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That is true. I sometimes go on a Firebird cull, but otherwise I just make them. It’s only steel and explosive and I’ve a ton of that! I only take one salvage point now in order to get to the explosive force and area (which is a fab skillset). They say the blast radius only goes up by 30%, but it looks a lot more like 100% to me!

I’ve never seen them, but I saw in a YouTube vid someone find a portable homing turret in a toolbox! I made a comment and he did reply, and apparently it’s regular for him. Who knows?

I do find arrows, but never the items…

Can you post the video here? Or send me a PM?

I forgot about those, yes arrows are easy to find, the items however are very rare, and if you dont have some in inventory they will never be found at all.

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Oh bless you - I don’t remember where I saw it, or when. I have an idea it was one of the Americans - not funny ones like Neebs Gaming, but playing alone. He found it in a toolbox in a garage, I think.

Crafted DLC items can not be found in common loot containers. Though you used to be able to put items into them, so that’s probably what happened.

Regarding the topic of the report, this is something I reported internally when testing the first weapon DLC’s, and I made a note of that devs should confirm when they add new guns to the game that the appropriate ammo will drop for them.

Maybe that got lost in translation, it was a while ago. But this issue has cropped up since then.

  1. That was long before the DLC.
  2. If a DLC Item was dropped into a container before that changed, it would have been replaced by fresh loot in the meantime.

Maybe another player or the player him/herself dropped the item and returned to the backpack just short after that and picked it up?

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Good point.

I do seem to recall seeing it in a Neebs Gaming episode as well.
But, all of this is pretty off-topic.


So it was Uncle Thick’s fault? :grin:

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