Eastern European Weapons pack ammo problem


Description:Hi, so basically while using the weapons from the pack i noticed the ammo not dropping for them. For example i have 2 points in the salvage perk and containers, ammo boxes (the around the world ones not the deployable ones) and machines that i kill do not drop 7.62mm. I might sound greedy but the pm 71 does use a lot of ammo and crafting it everytime i run low gets pretty tiring because the machines and containers don’t give me any. The same happens for the vosa vz.68 and maybe the .32 acp isn’t meant to drop from the better machines like fnix, apocalypse and spetznas, because of the plenty fullness of that caliber but i don’t know,the same goes for volkov. It would really help if somebody would look into this and its not that big of an issue but i love using those weapons but the ammo thing is like i said, a bit tiring. I dont have any video footage but i dont think it will help with this sort of thing. I play alone so i dont know if this is happening to other players and im not sure if i would play with somebody that it’ll make any difference. Again dont want to make any more trouble for the team just saying it would help with the ammo problem.
Also while using a AI 76 or any other gun that uses this ammo from any other dlc or main game it drops while i have them in usage (the wheel thingy). My english isnt the first language so sorry if i wrote something wrong.

I shouldn’t depend on which weapon you use.
It depends on which machines you kill mostly.
The rest is just luck.

7.62 for example is dropped by Prototype Hunters, Military Hunters and Apocalypse runners in general.
.32 is dropped from Prototype runners and low class Lynx.
All types of ammo may also be dropped by harvesters, tanks, wolves and firebirds.

Take a look here:

Yeah but still, the pm71 and rest of these weapons should influence the ammo drop i get from the machines and containers. While playing with lets say a AI 76 the machines and containers drop the ammo for it, which i understand is being influenced by the weapon i used, but with the weapons from this pack it doesnt work, i dont get any ammo for them while using them. The perk called salvage should even work but it doesnt, i get random birdshot, acp etc.(from containers) and in small quantities (which this is the ammo i think youre referencing to as “world” drop ammo) the ammo that those machines drop no matter the weapon.
If you have this pack go see for yourself, take an base game weapon or any other dlc weapon that uses 7.62mm or any other that uses ammo from this pack and then a weapon from this pack, youll see an difference while killing machines that the ammo doesnt get influenced, youll just get world drop ammo.
Thanks for replying.

Maybe I’ll try the pm71.

Actually I’m using the AI-76 in general, but have a N16 (5.56) as backup if I run low on ammo (7.62).

Again, it mostly depends on which machines you kill. FNIX and even Apocalypse machines, except tanks and Apocalypse runners, don’t drop 7.62.

And for them which in general drop some, there is no guarantee. It’s still just a chance.

Yup, i understand but im talking about the ammo influence the weapons put on the ammo, like machines themselfes drop you the ammo towards the weapons youre using giving you back the ammo u used. But with every weapon from the eastern european pack i dont see the influence, dropping you randomized ammo from every machine and container you loot. Thats kinda bugged dont you think?

No I don’t think so.
Why should the machines give you the ammo back you used?

You can kill 1000 FNIX Hunters with an AI 76 but will never get a single 7.62 round from them. That’s the loot pool.

If you’re low on 7.62, try to use other guns with other calibers, too.

One possible influence may be, that you get more of what you’re low on. That’s why I always just carry about 3 adrenaline shots.

I also often get more FMJ if I use more AP and vice versa. I don’t know why, but that’s it.

Im not saying it should be like that, it works like this man, a weapon youre using or even have in your equipment i noticed will influence the loot pool and youll get ammo for that weapon. With weapons from eastern it doesnt work like this and i tested every weapon from every pack and its only this one that doesnt do this. Its like when youre using them the game doesnt register them. I played today and got an idea, ive taken an AI 76 from my storage, holding it in my equipment, not using it and low and behold, containers i searched started giving me 7.62, but machines didnt because killing them with the weapon influences the ammo drop that you will find. I have a question for you man, did you ever kill an reaper, if yes which weapons have u used?

Of course. About 10 times.

In general I used a 6c pvg for taking off the shield generators, a 6c AG4 or a 6c KVM59 (often with shock ammo) and a 6c granatgevär.

For the last one I additionally used homing turrets and a nearby improvised base with a line of 5 rocket turrets. After shooting off the shield generators I lured the reaper in sight of the base defense, placed an additional line of homing turrets, used my companion and gave him a bunch of lightnings.

That was a great fireworks which ended rapidly after a reapers firestorm attack. :sweat_smile:
That was fun and least helped killing it :wink:

Why are you asking?

Did you get large amounts of 7.62 ammo, 50 bmg and rockets? Since you used those guns, Im trying to see something. And if you did and you dont have to, try killing it with a pm 71, you wont get ammo for it just random world drop ammo and this whats keeping on bothering me. The best to see this if you have a p 90 too, youll get massive amount of ammo for it and none for the pm 71

That has been very different.
In most cases I got at least for one of them a large amount of ammo, but there were times where I got none of them, but very much 9mm pistol ammo for example.

I guess I’ll start a session and test the pm71.

Thanks man, for even trying, im sure youll see a difference when you will kill it, its like the weapons arent registered in ammo influence or something i dont know. Itll give you random ammo, cuz for me it does, my advice if you will see this before you kill him take a pm 71 and a p90 nothing else that uses 7.62 cuz it will influence and itll work


Tested it now. You’re right!
Killed three Prototype tanks, a FNIX tank, a lvl 4 FNIX tank rival and tons of different runners and hunters.
Just Prototype Hunters gave me 7.62 ammo.

After killing a reaper I also got no 7.62 ammo, just a few .50 and over 3000 9mm pistol ammo.

Btw. Now I love the pm71, if it just wouldn’t have this negative side effect :sweat_smile:

It’s quite curious.

@SR_Carni could you take a look at that or explain it?

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I knew i wasnt losing my mind, thanks man i really love using the weapons from this pack but every weapon from it doesnt influence the ammo and keeping on crafting it gets pretty boring. Again thanks for proving my point and have a good one.

Hmmm. Interesting a Youtuber undertaking a play through currently has mentioned a similar issue several times as he uses a PM-71 as well.

My current character uses an augmented 5c PM-71 as their main weapon and there is plenty of 7.62 ammo available from drops and set looting.

Might be a random rarity thing. Not sure.

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World loot contained 7.62 for me, too, but from enemies I just got some (80-90 shots each) from Prototype Hunters.
I used an augmented (the one against big machines) 5c PM-71 with a 5c magazine extension, a 5c Red dot and a 4c machine gun compensator.



I went for the Titan Toppler and Extra XP augments for the PM-71 myself.

Attachments are a 5c red dot, 5c magazine and a 5c MG compensator.

Makes pretty short work of any tank, harvester, firebird or wolf. :slight_smile:


I’ve reported this and linked this forum thread to the devs!


There are all sorts of things in the DLC for which I never see loot! I saw someone in YouTube finding a Portable Homing Turret, but I’ve never, ever seen one in loot and I’ve got one in a slot all the time 'cos I loathe those flying machines. I’ve never seen Portable Machine Gun Turrets, and Heaven knows never a radio-controlled tick!

Likewise I see 84mm rounds ten at a time, but the RPG rounds are only ever there one at a time, so I have to make all those. I do see arrows, which is just as well, since they are bloody expensive in wood and wood is still a choke point for me.

Generally, the fewer weapons you use and therefore the fewer types of ammo, the more you find. I always know when I’ve picked up a pistol off a Hunter by accident because suddenly there’s thousands of rounds of pistol ammunition in every box.

I only normally carry three weapons - the Kalashnikov, the RPG and the .44 Magnum. If I’m doing realistic, then I replace the RPG with the FRG, which a teenager could carry. I do find grenades for that…

I do get more.
In general the amount is low, but I also recently got 10 or 12 from one machine. I just can’t remember if it was a rival or not.

  • I ve been using the RlG7 and while im using it I usually only get 1 RG7 Round from enemies, while 3 or more rounds for the Granatgevär m49.

  • Ammo for the PKM is low, the only fix is to have the Al76 or another weapon with 7.62 ammo type while also having the PKM

  • I have no issues with the VOSA, the ammo usually appears in runners and some containers

  • I never never never got any type of DLC equipment I thought we could only get them by crafting ?? No matter if its lures, turrets , explosives or something else, only NON DLC.

  • I dont usually use the Vintovka or the Volkov, their ammo types are easy to get BUT i dont know if while using them its easier to get ammo or not.