Eastern European Weapons Pack - Coming Soon

Theyve made the announcement for the new weapon pack. This will be the first weapon pack containing 4 weapons instead of 3. A pistol, LMG, Bolt Action weapon (not sure) and possibly an SMG. These will drop on Monday at 10 CET, when the update goes live


A Mosin-7.62, PKM-7.62, Makarov- 9mm, and Skorpion-.32 acp. That’s pretty cool.

Then I’ll have to buy as fast as I can. I absolutely need a scorpion!

Where is the info from?

There they wrote about just three.

Look at the coming soon Tape, thats the pistol called Volkov aka the Makarov IRL. The SMG on the right is the Skorpion. LMG is PKM and Bolt Action is Mosin. That totals 4 last time i checked.


Wait, there are 4 Weapons?

Great surprise. Good eyes.
Really didn’t see that.

Only took me 3 years and many hours talking about “Skorpion and use for 32 acp ammo” to finally having something like that :sweat_smile: :+1:


The Skorpion has got to be one of my favorite guns irl. It’s just such a weird and fun little gun.

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I really hope the Mosin Nagant will be a high damage rifle like the Älgstudsare, and not a slightly buffed DMR like the Kotenok and S-21… :thinking:


Got the pack!
Really nice weapons, I recommend this pack. I think this is the best Weapon Pack ever!

Here are the weapons.

Does the mosin have a scope or is it iron sights only?

I don’t know. I tried to attach a scope, but I can’t. The design isn’t for scopes.

So are there any unique attachments other than the extended magazines?

Unfortunately, there are no unique attachments except extended mags.

The Mosin takes a scope - Wired Gaming showed that.

However, the question is which scopes it accepts, as he only adds a 1-4x - I would like to see at least 6-12x scope.

It takes 1-4 and 4-8 at least. I didn’t try 6-12 and red dot.

The skorpion is worth it, finally a way to expend all that .32 ammo quickly, a drum mag would have been nice since the ext mag size is small and when you find it you’ll likely have better stuff already, but I also love how it accepts all attachments. Vintovka is a gimmick imo and the LMG does LMG things, which means it’s only outclassed by some experimentals.

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Ah, I didn’ t know that