Electric guitars please?

Okay, so we already have the classic iconic apparel of the 80’s, but what I was thinking was that there could be some guitars, that you could place into one of your hotkey slots and use to attract enemies when playing (or they could be made into weapons, causing an emp blast for a short time, but the guitar would need a cool down, and / or an amp to go with it). I was thinking that just like the bikes there could be rarer colors, starting off with the most common as black

and then purple

and then red

Of course the colors and orders could be subject to change, just more personal opinion.
Also, imagine a pose that you could strike after battle like this one:

I think it would be pretty schweet.


possibly useful if they ever add melee weapons, could be swung around or played to use as a lure

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That’s what I was thinking. :wink:

I like it! I do not intend to alarm you, but I believe we can squeeze even more '80s out of this idea. Gentlemen… The keytar:


what if , a air guitar on emotes and u could play 5 seconds of a cool song in the animation.
also , 80’s rockband tshirts would be so cool !

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I’d play Smoke on the water all the time!

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Playable electric guitar was added to the game with February '20 update.

Few screens: