Empty Spaces not unlocking after completing Science of Deduction


Empty Spaces not unlocking after completing Science of Deduction

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I completed the mission Science of Deduction while in a multiplayer game where neither me nor the other player got the next mission. We played the entire storyline together and both were at that mission progress-wise.

After logging on to her game world the other player got the new mission (a note containing the address to Von Ulmer’s house and a house key). I did not. When I visit Von Ulmer’s house it’s locked, and I only have the key to the residence (part of the artifacts in Science of Deduction), not the “Von Ulmer’s address and house key”.

I’ve watched videos of other people completing the quest (doing what I did), and I have gone back to FOA Facility multiple times to see if I can trigger the next quest, both solo and while hosting a game.

The issue seems to be the same as in: Mission empty spaces wil not unlock
But since I did not have the mentioned issues (that I’m aware of) with completing the preceding mission and due to the lack of response in that thread I’m making a new one.

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Spoiler: Screenshot of Science of Deduction with all artifacts collected

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Intel i5 6600K, 16 GB RAM, 2070 Super, SSD