Empty World - So Lonely

Hi there,

Playing this for almost year every day and feeling worse each time when I see nobody around. Even NPCs in some areas looks not real because of their static behavoir.

I would be happy if they will move, walk inside of safe buildings they are located and sometimes going outside to grave and running back if the enemies are spawned near to keep safe

I will be really happy if developers will add some random events in the world when some group of NPCs will be generated/spawned and get fights with enemies to feel that something tries to help you or you do your best to help someone in this empty hell

Stop doing minor changes(patches) like graphic, music, clothes, bug fixes, etc. Whe don’t need this

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Sure, something like that would add all that missing “life” to the game, being able to actually see the resistance doing actions around the map.

However, even at the current state of the game with what we have, things aren’t fully polished and stable. Such addition would mean even more load and a door to new bugs, which would impact console platform the most.

All those smaller changes are what we need at the moment before things could possibly move towards something new.

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:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

That’s first time I read this.

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I hear you, would be cool to feel like there is an active resistance movement that is putting in some work.

While I don’t know how this studio is laid out, I can tell you this. Generally in development studios like this, the folks that work on new stuff (and the folks that work on bugs, music, etc), are different departments, with specialists for various parts of the development process. The devs for Undead Labs have had a couple of their bug tester/fixers on some of their streams to talk about that specialist class of developer, if you’re interested. So keep this in mind in the future, be nice to the folks who are the bug fixers, they have a hard enough job to do without being told to go do someone else’s job, too.

The gaming industry gets a lot of hard critical comments, and it’s important to learn about what they actually do before using your keyboard to smack them in the face with a comment. What they do is like trying to do a jig saw puzzle, while hanging upside down in a room with the emergency alert tone being played on repeat.

So be kind with your words, and thankful that they’re still doing so much work on this game without asking for all the monetization that most studios are doing these days. We don’t pay for season passes, and the weapon & accessory purchases are not necessary to get through the game, just extra icing on the cake.

If you don’t know what I’m talking about, go look at all the extra paid content and how much it costs in Borderlands 3, Destiny 2, or Call of Duty. These folks are working on a much smaller budget, and not trying to take every nickle, dime and penny out of your pocket.

The TL;DR is this: Be respectful and careful with your words. You obviously don’t know the blood, sweat and tears that go into doing work as complicated as this, so please keep that in mind when you tell them how to do their job.


Really ? :flushed: I mean REALLY ? :roll_eyes:

Who is “we” in this case ? Please don’t speak for me because I’m fine with bug fixes & Co. …

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I dont care how and what the devs do and will keep this position ever and each time when I pay them. I paid for the game about the resistance versus machines but since the beginning I see the resistance versus loneliness even with lot of enemies around. Currently this game made for mentally illing people only. I play this on my Xbox Series S and yes I paid for game and all DLCs. I was sure that the next huge patch will add some NPC rebelds I will found randomly on map or near my base to take them with me. No, I did not read about upcoming patches and so on, just been sure that this will be happened as it is logically truth to be realized.

I agree that there should be more living in the world. More random events and more signs of the resistance (no, not more paintings, bottles with messages, letters or newspapers…).

But I don’t agree with your offending language.

I don’t comment your other “arguments” any further as it’s a visious circle.

OK… My message may sound quite or very agressive, and I really sorry for that. When I meant stop with bug fixing I was meaning that I already dont see any bugs except bycycle may jump very high during the sit on it or the body of enemies goes fly so far just after killing, but this is only the troubles I am issuing since last patch and I will ignore this if the part of my wishes will be implemented in the game. Below I have some comment of ChatGPT after asking it “what can help the game?” with inputs/questions I meant above here in the beginning. Read below

repeat all above in english

Certainly! Here’s a translation of my previous response:

"I understand that adding more weapons and a larger world isn’t always the solution when a game already feels static and corridor-like.

One possible approach to improving the game is to add a more interactive world. This could include, for example, destructible environmental objects, changing weather and time of day, more diverse and interactive NPCs, all of which can help make the game world feel more alive and dynamic.

Additionally, it may be worth considering adding more complex and diverse missions that will generate more interest and give players more opportunities for interaction within the game.

Another approach is to improve and diversify the enemy types. New types of robots with different characteristics and unique abilities can help make battles more dynamic and interesting.

Finally, attention should be paid to character control and combat mechanics. They should be more responsive and smooth, which can help make the game more dynamic and interesting.

Overall, improving the interactivity of the world, the diversity of missions and enemies, character control and combat mechanics, as well as paying closer attention to player feedback, can help make Generation Zero a more attractive and dynamic game."

Ah, you let an AI speak for yourself.
AIs currently are just as intelligent as the input they got. Add factors like the games age, as the development of a new game is different to one which already is 4 years old. Remember, most games don’t even get support and development for this long time.

Besides of that I have to agree with your wishes.

This discussion between us must be stopped as we see this game different. I dont know and even cant imagine what kind of satisfaction do you feel playing it while me still waiting for some huge rework to make this game in charts as the LORE and idea is great but it is so crude, so empty and looks like 2 guys in garage take this job with big motivation but after few monthes they said “Smack it” and left with all outputs we have now. The witcher for example been released in 2015 but developed 2-3 years before the release and still giving us some patches, etc. Of course it is a big difference between the projects I am meaning but still sad that developers offers skinks, clothes, weapon packs, etc but not offering gameplay freshes. Still not late to make this game great but I am almost sure that the game will die because of passive vision of developers

Well, it’s a difference if you started to play Generation Zero in 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022 or just this year.
Everyone has experienced different states of the game. You cannot compare the current version to how it was in its first 2-3 years.
There already changed so much and the experience in whole has been improved in many many ways. Ok, a great part of the survival experience got lost in the last 1,5 years. But it’s not just cosmetics what they release. Almost in every update there were new story or gameplay elements.

Here is a summary of what changed in the 4 years of Generation Zero: https://youtu.be/bmPUB-K_rSY

Also keep in mind that Systemic Reaction, the developers of Generation Zero, just have been founded in 2020 and are just a small team. Well, not just two in a garage, but just few in a new team with not as much ressources as the mother company Avalanche has for the AAA projects. Yes, Generation Zero is no AAA project. It was their first experiment on developing and publishing a sandbox style game totally on their own.

We all hope for more, as you can see in all the topics in this forum, but sadly it’s not up to us, even not just up to the developers, to determine the direction of the game.

Last but not least: it’s like @Barbarharian said. If you don’t know what you’re talking about, don’t talk about it (at least in that way).

Why are you so angry?

Yeah, the studio has made MAJOR changes and updates to the game to do all of this. You are complaining about not seeing the resistance, but what you are failing to understand is YOU ARE THE RESISTANCE, just about everyone else was killed or evacuated. YOU are the survivor, and you also seem to have forgotten that you can have three other people join your game. The developers have put in A LOT of time and effort into this game, and they have their own style and story they are trying to tell, you are participating in THEIR story in an open world that you can go in whichever direction you want.

There are other survival games that have more NPC interaction, if you’re seeking one of those, try out State of Decay 2. As far as I’m concerned, the devs here have built something pretty awesome. You have a game here that has no restrictions on where you go, what areas you can explore, and you are forced to find a way to fight or run with what you have available to you.

If that’s not enough for you, you know where the door is, don’t let it hit you on the backside.

I don’t think [Mad_Sake7133 is really showing anger, just an ignorant and spoiled person who feels the need to belittle others. This person wants to rag on a studio who has gone way out of their way to not only interact with their community, but the folks on the communications team are fantastic, the devs have continuously given us tons of new content with the seasons, they even went so far as to give the people who didn’t have the Alpine Unrest DLC access to the KVM LMGs and all the experimental weapons and attachments.

Got a little heated, but that tends to happen when someone talks smack about things they have no idea about.

I couldn’t agree more. You need to look into all the work that is put into developing a game, the time and patience that is required to put together a crazy jig saw puzzle of code and to then maintain it, all while still trying to add more content.

I would like to see more humans out and about as well. I would definitely like to have the capacity to rebuild that base that had all the people and you had to run in to rescue the old man amidst all the burning buildings. When you have to rebuild that place using copious amounts of resources (the veterans know what is like to have to dump large resources for lack of space in the recycler) so that it’s livable again. That could be the area for people. Could add in escort missions to get them there safely in caravans or small groups depending on distance. Maybe from point A to point B and they’ll “get there from here just fine.” Some of the misc. items to be used to improve their mood and what not. It’s a ways out and there’s probably bigger things on the way (a couple of the other islands have topography lines making me think we’ll be able to go there with the story).

I agree, though. There are times where the game feels lonely and isolating. I’ll hit co-op from time to time just to have interaction.

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I think that there should only be NPC:s that walk around only in bases. It whould make the bases a port in the storm. Not Npcs just roaming the world

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Yes, but there could be some missions, like the assignments, but for each base unique. Missions where you have to gather some special ressources or to resque some npc.

Imagine, instead of the three buttons for the three difficulties, that there is something like the FMTEL-Station which gives you three missions each day… For every location with a different pool of missions. You always have at least one base defense mission of a random difficulty in there + 1 to 2 missions for doing something else.

You get resistance-points for each mission, but you can do just a limited amount of them in total per day. With that you have more options to get your weekly resistance-points up to tank level, have a greater variety to chose from each day and have the possibility to reach tank level even if you don’t do all missions per week.

And the rescued or escorted npc could also appear in your base later. There could for example be structures that can randomly be garrisoned by them, like these shooting ranges, the watch towers or something else. These would then offer additional fire power for base defenses.

I moved this idea to an own topic


Maybe raid missions? You Place/get and order to destroy diffrent FNIX or Soviet things. Like fuel depots, storages and FOB:s. It whould really fit into the story and how the Swedes are resisting the machines. And i forgot to ad that these missions could be done with resistance NPC:s that both whould help you the player and expand the lore and story. And i really think that these missions should be more about fighting the machines than saving or escorting and gathering.

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I like the idea of the diverse FMTEL missions and giving it a more open chance to achieve the tank level.

With the rescue and escort of NPCs, it could tie in the single player companions aspect really well! One person rescued is an IT person that hacked a robot, in turn showing for robot companions. One person rescued was an injured or pressed-against-the-wall soldier that is willing to travel with you and help you.

These kinds of things we put forth fill in the gaps of what has been discussed and offered up for new content really well.

On a side note, I don’t know how to find current data on upcoming patches. Is that something that gets announced shortly beforehand or is there a spot that talks about it ahead of time?

Follow the weekly streams.
I once made a topic for summaries of them which is used more or less. But if there are any update news in the streams, you can follow tenebris on youtube. He often talks about new info, too. Official news are told in general about two to three weeks before an update over twitter, shortly after you find a topic about it here in the forums. Additionally the CM, Carni, plans to release frequent dev-letters.

And last but not least there is an official roadmap in progress. It will show everything which is planned.

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