Enemies do not respawn at locations

enemies do not respawn at locations that i have visited ever… they never do respawn … items do not enemies … this is not right

Respawns every 4 hours.

Or, just travel away from area, quit game, restart - and travel back to where you wanted to farm.

tried everything you said before and they dont spawn

There are some mission areas (Fort Torsberga for example) that don’t respawn machines after you destroy them.

the early places dont respawn for me at all i played ove r4 hours and itms only spawn… now i started a new game with highest difficulty deleted the last to test

I think the issue here is why do you want the same area to respawn?

What is it you are trying to achieve? May be able to offer an alternative solution as Rover said - some enemy spawns are locked under mission parameters only so if it’s a specific mission you are stuck with in order to progress there are alternate ways.

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Do note that when you destroy Relay Beacon and it’s guards, Relay Beacon and it’s guards do not respawn.

why would anyeone destroy relay stations :stuck_out_tongue:

yes perhaps i did guess that… it might be tied to mission factors therefore maybe if i finish some and choose some they come back…

i just hope they do come back eventually or the game will end very soon :frowning: cry

To get the easy XP from it (and/or free field radio).
Mostly 1000 XP per beacon while some give 1500 XP and few early ones give 500 XP.

Interesting fact: if you make a new char (lvl0) and destroy only relay beacons while leaving it’s guards alone and doesn’t destroy any other machines, there are so many relay beacons in game that you can level up your char to lvl14 (100.000 XP). I’ve done it with my 4th char.

I’m afraid I have to disagree. A great many relay beacons do respawn for me, along with their escort.

Just off the top of my head, I’d say that the following safe houses practically have one right outside;

St Maria Church

They are there for me maybe 1 in 30 fast travells.

Add Alby Church to that list.

I just had 2 relay beacons appear there, 200 meters apart. I shot them both only a few days ago.

Beacon 1

Beacon 2

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In a regular solo game, relay beacons doesn’t respawn. And that i was saying.

However, if you join MP game and host has some/most of it’s relay beacons intact, those will be spawned in your game as well once you return to your solo game.