Enemies Don't seem to respawn

I play a few months ago and I was doing a grind after beating the campaign but I went back to the Airport in the farmlands and nothing is there.
No hunters
No tanks
No harvesters
No runners
Nothing is there and is it because I destroyed the FOA facility or is this a bug of sorts

Destroying the facility does not affect spawns. Sometimes there are just no spawns there. Sometimes just one dog. A lot of the time there are spawns inside the forest to the north side, inside the airfield fence.

You have 2 choices for re-spawn.

4 hours in game time, or quit and restart game.

Be sure to travel out of area before quitting though, and load out of area and travel back to re spawn

Machine respawn should be set at 15 min, maybe 30 min max.
I been walking around on Hjim, but dang it is SO empty now.

I had the impression, before I ended the last mission, there was MUCH more enemy.
Same, btw, on mainland…
Very odd…

It’s not odd, just the way it’s setup.

I’ve been repeating the Himfjall island over the past week trying to rebuild the rivals - and have had no issues at all with spawns, and enemy refresh.

Maybe it’s just your approach that needs tweaking a bit to maximise time spend on the island.

Fell free to take a look - its all on the twitch channel under either “Apocalypse Hunt or Rival Rebuild”