Enemy AI god like sensors

Please to tell me since the introduction of russian mechs I can be spotted prone in a house looking the map.Ive logged enemy kills at 300 meters when im only skip diving. It doesnt stop there they’ll come and fight me, even when there engaged. PLEASE dont tell me its there advanced sensors as ive been able to sneak up on them. I love there superman like perception

Noticed that myself. Casually walking through the woods. Gunfire way off in the distance. Suddenly, I’m in combat. Run awayyyyy.

I think it is a false combat indicator.
Ive noticed the combat indicator message myself while strolling and its always when the swedes and the russkis are fighting way off in the distance.

So i think the message appears when the enemy is engaging in combat, not when the player is actually fighting.

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I tried this today, crawling through the underbrush I got “into combat” when some Soviet Machines engaged FNIX Machines. But they never noticed me, and I left combat soon after.

I was able to take the stragglers out after that.