Enemy AI is NOT to hard


Man im loving this game! my brother found it a couple days ago and got 4 of us to buy and play as a squad and we’re all losing our minds! Im shocked to see how many people are complaining over a recent update that made the AI to hard and smart? We’re all super casual players and that’s the big draw in the game for us is how smart the AI is. It’s such a breath of fresh air having enemies that aren’t stupid and the only thing that makes them hard is being a bullet sponge. Everything we do is getting counter flanked by robots that causes us to retreat and counter flank. You constantly feel at a disadvantage and it’s amazing. Heavily encourages guerilla tactics and team work, please don’t nerf the AI, make it a separate game mode for the hella smart AI at least please lol


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I agree that it’s ok, but only with 4 players. Having to fight tanks and harvesters with either 1 other player, or just by myself, is a bit too hard. I think the machines behave alright, and I’m all for smarter AI. But the rocket spamming/rocket travel time is broken. I get brought down to 8 health before I can get in good firing range… and The harvesters spamming hunters while I’m trying to fight the tank makes it even harder. This is coming from a lvl 27 player with 4 and 5 crown weapons and attachments. I love this game, but being brought to one shot on the easiest difficulty is a bit much.


I agree. The AI being smarter makes the experience better. I too play in a team, with my family, but more recently have started logging on myself to catch up to their level. Through changing how I play and a bit of dying and running back, I am able to take things down myself. After a hard fought battle I managed to destroy a level 4 rival I had built up. It was difficult and I ran out of ammo a few times, had to run back to the fight several times but I enjoyed the challenge and just kept at it. I’d say I’m a casual gamer but I really enjoy this game and while I wasn’t too happy with the changes to start with, I think it’d be too easy if the AI went all the way back. Maybe just dial down little bits, like the robots being able to auto-lock when there is no line of sight or something. Those missiles are pretty lethal. lol


Good on you for liking it like this! Most likely, you will still be able to choose harder difficulties if the game does become nerfed overall, so that you still feel that it’s fun and fairly challenging.

Anyway, what level of difficulty are you playing?
If the game is new to you then yes - the starting areas are indeed doable and fun/fairly challenging. As soon as you start to progress northward on the map, think the airfield and northward, however, you’ll be in for unfair challenges - especially if you’re solo or maybe with 1 other person.

Here is a video from the airfield, showing enemies I dealt with in a solo game. Count the number of corpses and maybe you get a hint why some are complaining (I had a blast personally, but the game used to be more based on tactics and stealth, something it deviated from recently with more frontline-assault type gameplay loops).


Holy cow! How long did that take? :laughing: :laughing:


Where are you? Are you on the main island or the beginner island?


@bcatrek That’s realy messed up, a game which is supposed to be tactic/stealthlike ends up as some war game.
gratz for the loot there :rofl:


Play alone and try again and see what your opinion after that is


@Ekul_3 It took somewhere between 30-35 mins and I got some 8100 XP for winning the combat… I think that’s my record for one isolated encounter.


I play on the guerilla setting, the air field was definitely challenging but because there’s a safe house there I wouldn’t even waste my medkits I’d just constantly respawn and continue fighting. I love looting so I’ll get hella ammo and purposefully avoid combat till im in good position for it. I play stealthily and try to use tactics to take out enemies or sneak around fights to large, and if I find myself stuck far away and I don’t need to respawn I have all my adrenaline shots and med kits saved for a real dug in fight taking pop shots through windows and on roofs


I definitely take it as a strategy based combat system rather than shoot everything constantly, maybe the kind of gameplay just clicked better for me cause my k/d in call of duty is trash :joy:


Except for the mass gas fields, hyper scanning from 3km away, faster response times, insta weapon auto locks, and missile spam there isn’t much of a difference.

The only big change I noticed in behavior is from the dogs (which, I hardly see anymore except when they magically fast travel in front of me) is that they attack from a distance or in heavy brush. They refuse to be kitted unless they lose LOS.

It would be nice to see different tactics used by prototype, military & FNIX, rather than standard lame armor upgrades. It wouldn’t be that difficult to think up something new. Infantry tactics are widely available.


That is exactly what the game does NOT allow you to do anymore at a certain point, because the larger enemies will gas you and rocket spam you over large distances. There is no movement anymore, just rape.

That is another thing that is eventually NOT possible anymore, because the higher tier robots will spot you crouched behind a building at the other end of town, without a line of sight or you making a sound.

What you are describing how you play the game is exactly how most people want to play it, and also why they are complaining, because at a certain point the game simply will not allow it anymore. They want to be able to go stealth and pick their battles. They want to experience tactical combat, and flanking, instead of being pinned down into buildings, or having to snipe from hundreds of meters away.

But in the current state of the game, this is only possible at the beginning of the game, after that the game simply does not allow it. That’s why so many people are so frustrated with it, and have given up.


That’s a playstyle I can never get into - I take some pride in my k/d ratio, :smile::smile::smile:


Well, you point out that it’s easy as 4-man group. You point out that you just respawned at airfield without wasting medkits, so it’s sort of a cheese. You’re cheesing punishment for dying, because the game still has not introduced safehouse cooldowns… (devs pls). I’d rather you die and lose the ability to jump back in to it, unless you actually prepared that field radio.

Where the complaints in difficulty originate from is how quick hard-hitting projectiles fly, how impossible it is to shake off a battle, how enemies come in never ending waves, if you just so happen to be in the middle of the map. Archipelago is a perfect balance for a solo, gets easier with a duo, but yeah… The more the players, the easier it gets. I only now stick around Archipelago, since it holds greater environment and a good mix of enemies to take on solo. Rarely do I get to duo.

I used to solo everything and no place was off limits for me. When I gathered footage, I’d go to a spot, no matter if there were 4x FNIX tanks and seekers ready to screech. I know I’d clear it. Now it actually restricts me more. I love that, but I hate that now I don’t have a fighting chance against a FNIX tank. I got a proto-Tank down only because I cheesed and stayed indoors. This is getting fixed now, but these just amplified underlying problems with the game - AI not being able to enter houses and having super safe hard cover (unless AI bugs inside, Respawn spamming on safehouses to quickly go and finish your battle. It’s brainless activity that takes it away from the ‘Thinker’s FPS’. I won’t deny it is a Thinker’s FPS completely, because it has it’s moments.