Enemy marking doesn't work

Just spent my skill points on getting enemy marking, I have binoculars but no idea how to mark enemy’s, not clear on this at all

You need “Spotting Intel” skill level 1 as well. Once you have that, in bions, switch to the Tech View. Then, when you have clear sight with enemy, where yellow outline appears around it, you can press the marking specific hotkey (listed at the bottom of the screen), to mark the enemy. For me, the key is “Q” but i’ve remapped the keys. Once the marking is successful, red outline appears around the machine.

Though, with marking, do note that it lasts only 15 seconds (or 30 seconds with lvl2 skill) and it will show machine(s) through terrain/buildings. Latter is something to consider when firing at the machine since it could be behind terrain/building.

Thank you for helping. Just got the skill you said to get! I’m getting the yellow out line now with all the Intel, but still struggling to mark them? Nothing comes up, other then the option to swap between tech veiw and normal veiw? Playing xbox BTW

I just checked from my game what Xbox button is equivalent to the key for Marking in PC version.

Once you have the yellow outline in Tech View, press the same button you use to open loot bags/boxes and doors.

Yer that would be the X button but still no hope :frowning: think it’s just a one off, shame it’s doing it to me

Sometimes, i also can’t mark machines. Game restart and/or dropping binos to ground and re-equipping it usually fixes the marking issue.

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Is the Spotting Intel requirement intentional?

I wish one could tag enemies in whatever view mode (normal, infrared, tech) is currently being used. There’s nothing inherently tech-related to the skill which would require tech view. It’s just unecessary to scan for enemies in one mode, and then have to switch mode to mark them.


In Tech View, when you have clear sight to it, machine gets yellow outline around them and info of what class, type and status it is.

If you already have that specific machine blueprint then besides yellow outline, you’d also see it’s parts in Tech View.

Marking is another feature of Tech View where you can “mark” the machine and yellow outline becomes red outline, visible outside Tech View.

Machine hacking also works in Tech View, if you have the skills unlocked.

I just loaded my “no skills lvl 31” save and only spent points up to Marking. Using the Binos I still have “Tech view” and can mark in that view with “E”(same as my Bino button). No need for Spotting intel for me.


Thanks for clarification. :+1:

Nice job. Glad to see it’s not required :slight_smile:

I still believe one should be able to Mark enemies from any view mode (normal, infrared, tech) as the game action of marking enemies feel inherently more social/verbal (“that one”) than some technical gadgetry unlike for example Hacking.