Enhancement patch, DLC or update?

Is the enhancement patch announced by the developer team related to this DLC? Or are they 2 different updates? For when on PS4 ?. I have been waiting almost 2 months for them to fix the excessive difficulty.

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Both and its release for pc I think is 23rd I don’t think they confirmed consoles release yet they said “summer”

It is going to be a DLC for $7.99 but there is part of the content that is for everyone

not all the content there is some free content

But the question remains, will the consoles at least get the patch that fixes the game, or are we still going to have to wait for another month before the DLC comes to the consoles?

I didn´t see the stream, usually it´s a week yes, but if they are bringing the new DLC, it might not be the case, or are they going to divide the update for consoles? Bringing first machine behavior, difficulty and crafting changes and postponing the rest for the DLC release? :thinking:


Update and DLC will drop together

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Corrected topic title.

Also, don’t use special characters in the topic title. Those make the topic harder to search for.


I don’t see it listed anywhere - did they address the auto-aim issues?
The scopes I can live with, the auto-aim though…:cold_face:

nothing is clear to me