[Equipment Ideas] Dump Them Here!


So far there have been a variety of versatile and effective equipment to be utilised within the game. The most prominent feature I want to see included with regards to equipment implementation is an (RC-XD) Remote Control Explosive Device like the one in the Call of Duty franchise. We would need to implement some more items like a remote control or maybe batteries or maybe even none of them for this to be another viable way to kill machines undetected.

Don’t forget to leave any ideas here if you have them. Have a good one :wink:


They are trying to stay period accurate, and I’m pretty sure none of the branches of the Försvarsmakten had RC explosives in the 80’s…

Other stuff that does come to mind though and could probably be gotten in the 80’s in Sweden:

  • PSO-1 sights. Simple fixed 4x optical sight with a proper rangefinder. Most well known for use on the Dragunov sniper rifle.
  • Muzzle brakes or compensators for the assault rifles. Standard muzzle hardware on a real Ak 4 or Ak 5 is actually a compensator, just like on an FN SCAR or a US M16, and it’s not hard to get one for an AK-74 (AI-76 in game).
  • Body armor of some sort. Probably only found in military bases, and most likely degrades over time. I’m thinking a simple flat damage reduction against bullets specifically here (real world body armor, even today, doesn’t really do much of anything against blunt impacts).
  • Not so much new equipment as expanding on equipment, but being able to physically pick up and move the bike would be nice.
  • Tracer rounds for most of the guns, ideally with the ability to do mixed loads for ammo (that is, have every Nth round be a tracer, and/or the last N rounds in a magazine be tracers, just like real world military units do). In essence, do a bit less immediate damage (they’re generally lighter than FMJ or AP rounds), have a small DoT for delicate components (typically incendiary), and draw extra aggro from machines (because, you know, they’re flashy).
  • Been mentioned before, but melee weapons of some sort.


Yes! Give me a sledge hammer! :grin:


They have remotely exploding ticks in the game already, what to say we can’t have remotely exploding cars?


Weapons I want in the game that the Swedish used.

  1. Gevar M96 with 6.5 x 55mm.

  2. M39 with 9mm.

  3. M40 with 9 x 19mm.

  4. KG M40 LMG with 6.5 x 55mm.

  5. KSP 58 with 7.62 x 51mm.


How about a watch that can show us what time it is? (in game world).


I’ve already made a gun thread. I see you’ve got a few ideas I missed.


It would be cool if watches were a customization option. Cool and funky watches were definitely a thing in the 80’s. Would be fun if there’d be watches on which you can play minigames :stuck_out_tongue:


I have an idea. Motion sensor or tripwire explosives. So when your being followed by a pack of hunters or other machines you can set up motion sensor or tripwire explosives so when they get to that point BOOM!!

(Also an M1 Garand would be nice.)


M1 Garand would be really weird in Generation Zero.
However, the AG42 rifle would be a cool adition.


I could see finding a M1 Garand as a hunting rifle though based on discussion in other threads about the popularity of .30-06 Springfield being a popular round for hunting big stuff in Sweden. I could also easily see it being found in a collector’s house.


I don’t buy either of those scenarios. If I’m not mistaken, Swedish law states that hunting rifles can only have a 2 round magazine. Thus generally, hunters don’t use semi-auto weapons as the benefits don’t justify the additional cost. Second, hunters generally have scopes on their guns and an M1 is tricky for that.
I guess it would be cool, but there are LOTS of guns more appropriate for the setting still left to implement. Please check the thread I linked to above for more.


I’ve got it a mission called “the collector” where you go to a collector’s house and find an m1 garand.


Ideas are plentiful, but I would most of all like so see things that could realisticalliy fit into the world, and the year it’s set in. I have a few serious ideas:

  • Camouflage net: Takes 1 inv. slot. Equippable in the 4-7 hotkeys. Hold “fire” button to make the player deploy into a prone position, covered by the net. Takes 3-5 seconds to deploy. Now enemies can’t see you unless they almost step on you. The player can do nothing except look around. Emerging also takes 3-5 seconds. Good for setting ambushes or avoiding patrols.

  • Watch: I fully support 0L0’s suggestion for a watch, to see what time of day it is! Even if it was simply implemented in a corner of the HUD.

I see there’s lots of suggestions for new guns as well, but I think this really needs to be something that adds to the arsenal, not just a cosmetic duplication of the current weapons.

  • Machinegun / KSP 58: A proper swedish machinegun in 7,62 mm. This would also require implementing a new feature: Deploying it. The weapon would have a tripod and require you to deploy it into a crouched position, or even onto waist-high cover. This would take 4-5 seconds to do. Once deployed the player cannot move. The MG would fire accurately with a VERY high firing rate, twice that of the AG4. Emerging from the firing position would also take 4-5 seconds. You could fire the weapon undeployed, but with a huge spread.

I want to add that I find the idea of melee weapons in GZ nonsensical.
You do not want these deathmachines anywhere within 10 meters of you, and to be honest, a lightsaber is the only thing that would have worked.


@Hogge Not true. Depending on what you hunt you can have up to 5 in mag and one additional in the barrel.

@ahferroin7 a guy i know has a Garand 7,62 nato. He got a hunting license for it. But they made a mistake. He should’nt be allowed to have one because that weapon is not compatible with hunting laws in sweden. So the handler made a mistake. But he’s allowed to use it since they gave him a permit. They only recall one if you as a person is unsuitable to own firearms. But if he sells it the buyer will not get one. So as for hunting he may well be the only one in sweden with a Garand huntingrifle.