Equipment Schematics

I dont have issues getting Apparel and experimental schematic points.
How can i get Equipment Schematic points ?
Or are they located in certain places?

Don’t you get them by crafting equipment?

What equipment?
I find so many i never craft any, i usually just craft ammo and only sometimes.
Should i just craft lots of ammo, repair kits or dlc equipment?

Yes, for example.
I’m not completly sure, but I think I crafted about 26.000 fuel (for motorbike) and some other stuff to get the necessary schematic points… And then recycled them all again.

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It would be much more interesting to find them in the “wild” :thinking:
Thx anyway :+1:

“They’re moving in herds. They do move in herds.” :crazy_face:

Yes, I agree with you. Would be an interesting assignment-mission to get them instead of spamming one kind of item endlessly.
“Catch the electronic parts at A, bring them to B and you’ll get some schematic points,”

But just as long as one needs them, of course. If you already have all schematics it would be senseless.

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Yes, the same way as it should be with DLC weapons.
I find the game great, with his flaws, but it sucks for things such these to just be “Unlocked” and not found.
Why not having us to storm dugeon like military bases to get rare schematics and weapons?
Or having deep underground tunnels with many machines, that are interconected like Fallout games subway or even Metro series.
To prevent hardware issues these underground could be like another level with a loading screen.
Now this seems like a feedback/feature