Equipped gear protection

There is one QOL feature in this game I am surprised still hasn’t been implemented:

Protection for currently equipped items. I am sick and tired of having to re-equip and re-add attachments to weapons because I accidentally stored the weapon or attachment to said weapon. There is only a tiny little icon as an indication the gear is equipped when you store it through most interfaces.

There is also no separation/hiding of equipped gear when in the recycling menu, leading to sometimes amazing weapons being scrapped by a mis-click, with no way to get them back.

This is standard in just about every game with a massive inventory/loot system now, please consider adding it!

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I just thought yesterday that it now would work.
Just put some of my experimentals into the plundra and took some of my 5c weapons to augment them.
The attachments moved into the plundra with my guns and were also shown as attached to the guns.

On the other hand I miss an icon on the attachments that show, that they are attached to a gun… Or hide them.

I had a friend do the same thing just a bit ago, with no indication it was equipped out of 3 instances of a weapon they had, one got dropped into an enemy they were looting, as we were exploring and despawned by the time they realized it had happened

Weapons which are stored with attachments keep those attachments in storage- provided that the player doesn’t click on the attachments section and start picking attachments out of storage. That said, I certainly agree with you that they all need an icon to indicate that they are currently attached to a weapon.

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Wow, that’s not possible any more for about two years now, maybe even longer.

Not sure how it happened but according to them it did, suppose couldn’t hurt to take that one with a grain of salt

Plenty of other games have a feature where you can mark items in your inventory as ‘favorites’ or ‘protected.’ Once marked as such, those items cannot be scrapped or stored by accident—they’re effectively locked.

As the OP says, it is all too easy for something to happen and a button get clicked once too many, leading to something getting scrapped… Cat jumps in your lap and steps on your controller, or you drop the controller, or set it down and it tumbles in just the wrong way, or your console decides it just wants to double-click for some stupid reason—the possibilities are out there. Having some way to prevent that sort of misadventure sure would be nice…