Equipping an ammo to a gun not registering for Plundra

Platform: XBox Series X
Noticed that when I have ammo in the gun that goes into the left most slot (On Xbox this would be the X button on the weapon wheel) and I stache all ammo types away it puts that ammo type away too as if it isn’t equipped to a gun I’m using. Idk if this is an issue on other slots but it isn’t an issue for the top weapon wheel slot.

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Not just ammo, items that were assigned to a quick slot, once used - and replaced from Plundra to your inventory, also does not auto place it back to where it was.

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Was it ever different?

I never encountered this, because I would never stash all bullets in the plundra. And what would it matter if then the 14/16/19 bullets in the weapon are also stashed in the plundra?

Normally you would stash only the surplus of ammo into the plundra. And then the equipped bullets stay in the weapon. And I think that the total of bullets in the inventory includes the bullets in the weapons.

It’s definitely been fiddled with. Spare guns running the same ammo as an inventory slot gun - now only takes that item as an individual item - not at all like it used to.

A real improvement for sure, but alas the items restocked from Plundra, do not auto select back to the weapon wheel once said item, is back in your inventory.

It didn’t use to to happen before the update. Its mody likely just a weapon wheel issue rather than an ammo issue. I store a lot of ammo so I use the “store all unequipped ammo” button.

I can’t confirm if this is changed after the Update, could be. I never use that button, I always use the slider to define how many I want to store.

But there is no such “Store all Unequipped Ammo” button, only “Store all in Category” and ammo in “Ammo Category” includes equipped ammo seemingly.

That’s the button I meant, but if you have ammo equipped or anything equipped it typically just puts things that aren’t equipped away. That’s the way it worked before this update and for the most part works after the update.

It just bugs out for some reason now.