Erro em um edifício // bug in a building

Caros, em um certo local do mapa, tem um prédio, onde ao subir ate o topo dele o personagem entra dentro da parede e não consegue sair, restando apenas dar um teleport para uma safe house, aqui tem umas fotos do erro que ocorre:

Guys, in a certain place on the map, there is a building, where when climbing to the top of it the character enters the wall and cannot get out, leaving only a teleport to a safe house, here are some pictures of the error that occurs:

Is the error still there after re-starting the game?

Yah, that’s not supposed to be there. It should be a solid flat ceiling without floating boxes. Lol.

Mano,vc joga no Xbox??? Segunda vez que eu acho um Br no jogo

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yes, even after restarting the fault continues. I waited for some patch to come out, because I thought it would be corrected, but after the new update of the robo mascot, I realized that the error still persists

eu jogo no pc mano, ja conheço umas 10 pessoas que joga ele, mas so adicionei na steam mesmo.

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Are you on PC or console? I just played that area yesterday and I had no problems with it. I’m playing the game on PC in Windows 10.

game on pc, windows 10, try to climb on top of the building you will enter inside the wall

Entendi mano, por isso que eu ( na maioria das vezes ) só jogo com Console players

I also don’t see anything wrong with the building, I am playing Solo Steam PC.

Stick to english please, people.


managed to understand the problem I’m having in the game ?