Error in tracking assignments?

Today we had as assignments to kill 5 Hunters with a hunting rifle and 30 Runner with a handgun, but the game doesn’t seem to track this correctly: several time we killed one of those with the right weapon, but it didn’t count for either of us in the assignment. To have 5 Hunter kills I had to kill at least eight. The same happened when we had to kill Ticks.

I read some thread about similar issue, but they are quite old and doesn’t seem to offer a solution; is there something unsaid about assignments like these, or are they bugged?

I had no issues with either of the two assignments (Steam PC). Did you use experimental ammo? As that apparently is now a no-no for assignments.

Just normal ammo, not sure the kind, but among FMJ, AP and SP. We were on Steam PC too.

“We were” as in you where playing co-op? For my understanding kill credit goes to player who does the kill shot. So in co-op you compete each other, which one gets it.

This, has ruined lots of my kill counts when using experimental ammo.
And if in co-op, your friend uses experimental ammo, none of you get the kill. It goes to mysterious game entity and disappears.

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Experimental weapons do the job, only the ammunition doesn’t, it’s a bit modest that one excludes the other.

Yes, we were playing co-op, but the issue is it didn’t count for either of us: we killed three Hunters, the total count between us went up by two.

It seems it happened again: we had to destroy a Tank using only assault rifles, and we destroyed each Tank shooting them only with an Automatgevär 4 and an AI-76.

The first was a rival, killed with the Automatgevär 4, it didn’t count (does rivals count for assignments?).

The second, killed with the Automatgevär 4, it counted.

The third, killed with the AI-76, it didn’t count.

The fourth, killed with the AI-76, it counted.

I’m not sure why it happened.

An update: we tried doing the assignments playing solo, and neither of us had this issue; so it seems linked somehow to co-op play.


i recommend try to get some screenshots. Isolate single assigment target while in co-op play. Screenshot assigment status before and after kill. And try to reproduce this bug with evidence.
Use only 5c weapons, use regular ammunition only.

Need to eliminate all possible experimental effects from weapons, and ammunition. Ammunition is cleary shown to cause kill count problems when machine dies to experimental effect, and not the actual bullet damage itself.

This would also be interesting to know, does these lost kill contribute to experience gained. Do you get XP the kill, even it is not counted either of the players in co-op.

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And, if the kill isn’t registered immediatly, check again after the battle has ended (won, killed and respawned, fled) .

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I’ll try to get screenshots, thanks.

If with “5c weapons” you mean not experimental, e only used normal weapons with normal ammo, either SP, FMJ o AP, but nothing experimental.

We checked after the battle was won, and again after a while; we got experience, not sure if from other enemies or from those too.

I’ll try to update this when it happens again and we are able to get screenshots.

Here are screenshots: the assignment is to destroy a Wolf with a handgun, we used only Möller PP 4C, .44 Magnus 3C and Klaucke 17 4C (plus shotgun against the lynxes, but I did the same with the Wolf that counted for the other player and I made sure to use the shotgun only with the Wolf behind me).

We destroyed four Wolfs, only one counted; for one of them, we didn’t even select a weapon other than handguns, we literally shot each and every shot from Möeller and Klaucke, even to destroy the Lynxes.

Screenshots are Wolf at 100% to check it wasn’t damaged before, assignments before destroying it, after destroying it, and the destroyed Wolf.

Only 2 points for the hard mode. Is that new or a mistake?

I think it’s not the first time a hard assignment awards just two points, not sure why.

We once found out, or at least we’re guessing, that the lynx that are dropped by a wolf belong to the wolf.

This could explain, why only the one where you just used handguns for the wolf and the lynx counted.

Sorry, maybe I wasn’t clear: the Wolf destroyed just with handguns didn’t count, but one of those destroyed with handungs (Wolf) and shotgun (Linxes) did; not sure if those Lynxes were dropped by the Wolf (but I think so, at least partially, otherwise there were no drop for the entire combat), but I destroyed them with a shotgun and the Wolf counted.

Fifth Wolf down, it didn’t count, we never equipped any weapon other than the Möller and Klaucke; I have no idea what is happening, four consecutive Wolves didn’t count and at this point I don’t think I’ll be able to get those points.

Does using medpacks counts against killing it with a handgun? I think we used them with the Wolf that counted, but I’m not sure, and at this point I can’t think about anything else.

If needed I have screenshots for this too.

I don’t know.
For the challenges where you needed to destroy certain machines with a certain weapon it was enough to do the final shot with this weapon…

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We stopped doing that because it didn’t count a Tank done that way, so maybe it doesn’t work anymore (or it is the same issue, I don’t know).

Another Wolf down, another not counted; at this point I tried alone and it counted. Not sure why, but it seems there is some issue when playing co-op.