Everyday assignment that requires a Base Assault mission

everyday there is 1 BASE ASSAULT MISSION, every day, is this some tracking techie that helps the Game Devs know how many people play the game, how many people play the game helps in popularity of a game, game devs can’t read people off-line, am I right

Every assigment is tied to online account and that way devs can track what assigments players are completing. So accepting any FMTEL mission devs get information completed or not completed.

You can simply log out our apex account, but you wont receive FMTEL missions.
If you play offline mode, devs dont get information. But also you are not getting FMTEL missions because it requires online connection.

You also can op-out / in for anynomous data collection trough game settings menu.


On weekends peak was just above 1100 players.

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Interesting to see these peaks after every update. The average player count on the other hand is quite stable… The hardcore fan base. :sweat_smile:

The more important question is, how many of those players really play the fmtel-missions and do all the base assault related missions.

Sadly we just see these online statistics from steam and don’t know the counts of the console versions… But those who really care about these numbers probably may see them.

@SR_Carni What about an actual statistics evaluation for us players? Can you do that, seperated for each system?

There’s a lot of trackers running in GenZ and believe me devs these days always know exactly how many players are playing on each platform as long as they are connected to the internet. But that doesn’t really mean anything unless they buy new content, so income versus dev spend is the KPI for this kind of game normally.

Meaning that they are probably still getting enough income from old gen consoles to keep the game alive there.

also the clothes you can only wear when connected to the apex account, if you add special Schematics to them, they will get removed a few days later, why do the Schematics get removed from the clothes you can only wear when connected to the apex account

I think the game devs devs are busy with other projects, there children and reletavives or the likeness are the ones with giving out these gun packs lol

It seems that more people (one thousand more than 3 days ago 2174) are playing GZ now, and less are here in the forums. :guitar: