Everything is empty

Not sure if this has been reported but every container is empty anything that holds a item I just can’t interact with I haven’t checked if any of the robots have items but it kinda sucks not being able to play because I can’t find ammo or any healing supplies

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toolboxes being empty have been acknowledged by the devs as an issue

are these boxes you already opened and need to wait for the 4 hour cooldown?

I know about the cool down thing with respawning loot I just back on after a few days of not playing because I saw the update when I started the game and went to one of my favorite places for loot everything was empty still

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Unfortunately, you have to be in the game for the time to count. You can loot a box, log out for a month and when you log back in it will still be empty. Are you able to get anything yet?

I am currently playing the game right now on Xbox. It’s Sun, July 14, 2019.
Game Version is Post June Update. (I love the Bikes)
I am having the same issues. Absolutely everything that is lootable baring bots I manage to kill is EMPTY.
I have no idea how to reproduce as all I have done is start the game but this has been happening in both multiplayer and single player.
These are toolboxes, ammo boxes, and weapon crates that (I have never been to nor looted) in multiplayer and single player. I am only getting what little ammo and few random Medkits the dead bots let me loot.

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It is not working in my game either. No loot is respawning after hours of travel or finding many unlooted boxes empty.

Yep me also nothing respawning, no ammo, no game.