Exp clothing not dropping?

has anyone else noticed exp clothing not dropping since patch? I just finished a run of:
Archipelago - 8 lvl 4 rivals
Farmlands- 9 lvl 4 rivals (had to lvl up the bonus rival duh) with a reaper
Forest- 8 lvl 4 rivals

no exp clothing. 15 exp weapons. but no clothing. sadly a few were apoc and no shirt w/ ties or PD clothing either

:thinking: on that note I got no weapon skins either…

The new weapon Camos are intended to be dropping from the new weekly missions. For the rivals not dropping EXP clothing, cant say ive noticed this behaviour but ill see if its the case for me at some point.

ya I know about the new skins being part of the missions, but I haven’t collected all the other skins yet.

oh well I’ll hit a ton of base assaults tomorrow and see what happens there.

some clothing don’t drop anymore if you have it already, other clothing will continue to drop regardless if you have or not :jack_o_lantern: like the Halloween cloths during the Halloween event

sigh… 10 more rivals and a reaper today. no drops. never a duplicate either. though i did get another shirt and tie from an apoc hunter. small wins I guess

@Zesiir please delete this post. seems I am a bit daft and have all the pieces after looking through the forums

Oh, I see. No worries, I’ll close this in case anybody else wonders the same and find this thread.

Glad it worked out.


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