Exp. Grenade Launcher - EMP grenade wasted?

Am I the only one that feel EMP’s grenades are wasted in a 2:1 ratio using the experimental launcher? I simply can’t see the difference in the EMP blast between firing 1 or 2 grenades simultaneously. For instance, I would imagine that a tank would be taken out for twice as long using 2 grenades - else it’s just a waste.
So for now I think I’ll go back to standard grenade launcher, and not pissing away EMP grenades.
Anyone agree or disagree on this? :thinking:

Jap that’s probably a waste, but you can interrupt the reloading after the first rocket, so you have the same effect as if you take the regular one. In addition you have this high damage output with DPHE rounds if you want it.
Edit: how cool would it be to load one of each. EMP+DPHE :smiley:

True, EXCEPT you can’t interrupt reloading when switching ammo. So if it’s loaded with 2 HDPE grenades (or unloaded!), and you switch to EMP grenades, 2 grenades instantly go in the chamber, unless I’m missing something???

No you are absolutly right. At the moment it is not possible to load one of each. If there are already two round loaded you need to remove the ammo from the weapon. Than put the EMPs in and interrupt the loading after the first round. Than you shoot only one EMP.

EMP rounds are sadly wasted in the exp grg, but one good use for them is when you are encountering a large group of machines, if you can swing your aim while firing (and have a bit of luck) you can emp a large area disabling more machines than any other EMP based item in the game. But i’d advise against using them for anything else.
Tbh though smoke rounds have a great effect in it now, you can smoke a whole field with it and its pretty fun seeing the robots get all confused in the smoke :slight_smile:

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Really? That’s new! I never carry smoke 'cos it was useless - does it work now? (I’ve thrown out all my smoke grenades and rounds as a waste of space.)

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Yeah man! They’ve been tweaking the smoke screen effect in the background for a while now but most machines are affected by it, i feel like the goal is to get it so only machines with OPV/IRV can see through the smoke though sometimes LLV’s can too. Very useful against military grade machines, FNIX can be a different story though…