Exp Klaucke 17 fully automatic

What if instead of making the exp Klaucke 17 have a chance to emp an enemy why not just turn it into a full auto pistol, that was the first thing I thought of when I saw that there wasn’t a option to turn it full automatic.

Because the EMP effect is a nice experimental feature? Additionally, the klauke 17 is based on the glock 17, which isn’t full auto, too.
What you’re asking for is the glock 18.

You could give it a switch to make it full auto or make it a findable item in the game and have it be rarity based like grey makes it shoot as fast as the ag4 and legendary makes it shoot as fast as the mp5 (forgot the name of the weapon but it looks exactly like the mp5)

Or you use something else with a bigger magazine and less recoil in full auto… Like the AG4 or the HP5 or the AI76. Or if you like them smaller, take the COM10, or… There is a Scorpion like gun in eastern european weapons pack.

If you can click fast enough or use autoclickers, you can kinda make the G17 automatic

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I’m on console and idk about using an auto clicker even if I was on pc I’m too brain dead to figure that out

I haven’t looked at the dlcs yet not do I think I’m going to buy them, sure the weapons look cool but if they decided to maybe add it as an entire dlc with an expansion of the map to go with it I’d buy it cause that’s money well spent at least in my opinion

Is the com10 a full auto pistol?

No, there is no full auto pistol.
That’s what the COM10 is alike.

Who needs a full auto pistol? That’s no CoD.

And I have to agree with @Loyalty44rogue.
Especially the klauke can shoot pretty fast with single shots. And even with a 5c extended magazine it’s empty in seconds.

Full auto isn’t always good. Higher recoil, greater spread, faster emptied magazines, more reloads, higher consumption of ammo…