EXP Weapon Ideas - Base game weapons only

I made a post recently about my Idea for a change to the EXP PVG 90 so I decided to spend the rest of the day thinking of a few new ideas. First off I have not done any searching for other posts I am lazy and I apologize so if you see an idea that is similar to yours I promise you it is just coincidence and not me stealing. Second my list will be sticking to only the base game weapons, as DLC weapons getting EXP versions would be later down the road. Last I am trying to stick to effects in the game that exist. So please read, or not entirely up you to

EXP Älgstudsare : Charge Radiation Shot - Originally an idea to fix the PVG by slowing it down giving this to the Älgstudsare will make it do much more damage and use it with a suppressor, for some sneakiness. Radiation will do some DOT and Disorient the vision of the bot. This adds some support role to the gun as well.

(Synergy with EXP AMMO - Shock rounds will create an arcing radiation field prolonging the blinding effect - Charged up Medical rounds grant better healing qualities)

EXP HP5 : Stealth tech & built in suppressor (MP5SD) - As of right now nothing makes you invisible, however we can become harder to detect. My Idea is that when aiming down sights with this SMG you become crazy hard to be detected by robots. Giving those who like to use commando a boost in damage. Basically until you reload bots won’t react adding some stealth tactics to the game. May not want to reload until you navigate to a safer location while aiming down sights.

(Synergy with EXP AMMO - Corrosive and Explosive ammo do more damage while in stealth mode)

EXP KVM 89 : Damaging full auto - This will allow the KVM89 to do more damage the longer the trigger is held. For those who love to just let it rip, as we can hold more 5.56 rounds thus benefiting this weapon.

(Synergy EXP AMMO - Corrosive and Heat rounds will also increase in damage as the gun increases over prolonged firing )

EXP Baseball bat : Slugger effect - when using the bat user takes less damage from Melee attacks, repeating hits do increased stun damage. Simple as most of the time getting in melee range with a single bot will use a devastating melee this make its so you could be the tank and stun a bot while teammates pour on the damage.

EXP Sjöqvist Semi-Auto : Full auto mode - This shot gun is devastating enough adding a bigger magazine and fully auto will make this a wrecking machine

(No real synergy here as i don’t think it needs it.)

EXP Meusser : Hacker helper - Thinking of something for this rifle was hard but instead of a combat benefit I figured let’s help the hackers. Shooting an enemy bot with this weapons stuns them for a short duration, increasing the ability to hack an enemy. This will allow those who run hacker to cause some chaos by shooting and hacking a group. However with standard rounds the time is short.

(Synergy with EXP ammo - Heat rounds will cause the stun effect to last longer. Explosive rounds could hit multiple targets at ounce to allow the player to get multiple hacks in. )

EXP Möller PP : Full auto Tar - This pistol is easily left behind however with this EXP version now it is running full auto. Tar will not set you on fire like the EXP ammo version does. This will make this pistol great for supporting teammates and helping solo by tarring up an enemy quickly.

(Synergy with EXP Ammo - Radioactive rounds will say longer on the enemy prolonging the effect - Medical rounds will become healing gel to heal over time on a friendly or create a longer healing pool for yourself. )

EXP .44 Magnus : Remote explosive rounds - No i am borrowing the idea from the EXP pump however this revolver will be slightly different. The shot guns is a spray of timed explosives. The revolver will be able to place the shots more precise but will not detonate until the user reloads. Thus allow you to aim for weak points. Does more damage to armor as they bury into the target

(Synergy with EXP ammo - Explosive rounds will always trigger bigger explosion - Tar rounds when rounds detonate will slow enemy faster.

EXP AI-76 : Beehive shot - Now I know a lot of people want an under barrel GL however with the single shot GL coming out it wouldn’t be used considering that this would do the same thing. Under barrel launcher of the weapon will consume what is left in the magazine to create a super shotgun shot. This will allow you have the ability to big damage but at the cost of ammo.

(Synergy with EXP AMMO - Shock rounds will create a huge field of shock traps when aimed at the ground or hit multiple enemies - Tar rounds do the same but with Tar and using it will do more damage to you if it lights you on fire, risk rewards)

EXP AG5 : Medical feedback - Hitting weak points with this weapon will heal the user and nearby allies. We need a healing gun that still does damage and the AG5 needs some love too. This will create a medic role in squads

(Synergy with EXP Ammo - Corrosive rounds will weaken armor thus making the healing proc more - Shock rounds will be as normal but when allies run through the shock traps will heal instead of hurt them.)

There ya go if your still here reading I thank ya, and remember to have fun out there hunting bots!