Expanding the Interact button functionality

I would like to see expanded use of the interact button:

Pressing (or holding it for a short period of time) the interact button could show a quick menu displaying deployable objects in your inventory like Mines, Boomboxes (please devs, allow radios to be deployed as well!), Turrets, Paramedic packs, Field Radios etc.

Would also be nice if this menu allowed spawning bikes, mopeds and motorbikes as well (think they would see more use if you could spawn them anywhere).

The use of this menu would of course only be available when there’s nothing else interfering with the Interact function at that given moment, meaning you can’t get to the menu if you currently got for example a Loot message.

I see this as a QOL thing if implemented correctly.

You can put all of them on the weapon-wheel.

Nope. I don’t think so. You have the vehicle stations for that. If you’re too far away from a vehicle station to just go there you can still fast travel there. Don’t get me wrong, I understand why it could be good.
But I think it should stay as it is.

In a real battle you wouldn’t be able to just raise your thumb to get what you want, too.

Some things should still be expected to get a little effort of us players.