Experiencing freezins/frame hiccups after fighting monsters, after running (PC)

These are my specs:

Operating System:Microsoft Windows 10 64 bit

CPU Model:AMD Ryzen 5 3400G with Radeon Vega Graphics

Total Memory:15.9 GB

Graphics Card:Radeon RX 570 Series (20210217)

I have tried setting everything to minimum on the graphic settings as well as the lowest resolutions. Nothing fixes this and nothing prevents this. Im at a loss as to what the heck to do and i REALLY wanna play this game…

Could anyone try to help me figure out whats going on?

At the beginning (launch day) i’ve had microstutters as well but fiddling around in-game settings and i got rid of them, eventually.

Just to see if it also works for you, set your in-game settings as follows:

Resolution: 1080p
Window: Fullscreen
Vsync: OFF
Dynamic resolution: OFF
Dynamic resolution target: 60FPS

Quality Preset: Custom
Shadow Quality: High
Terrain Detail Tessellation: Ultra
Scene Complexity: Ultra
Water Quality: Ultra
Textrure Resolution: Ultra
Volume Fog Quality: OFF
Anisotropic Filtering: 16
Motion Blur: OFF
Screen Space Reflections: ON
Global Illumination: ON
Anti-aliasing: FXAA + TAA
Chromatic Aberration: ON

If the above doesn’t help, try uninstalling your current graphics driver, with DDU, and revert 1 or 2 versions to the older one.

Hi, same behavior.
But on robot encounters, when you are first approaching them in any location. Nothing super important but annoying a bit.
Ryzen 7 3800x
RX 5700 non xt
16 g 3466 ram
700w psu
nvme ssd
latest drivers and windows 10

That’s 2nd Radeon GPU in this topic and it is starting to point towards Radeon GPU driver issue. :thinking:
Rolling back GPU drivers a version or two might help.

Note: i’m running Nvidia GPU and i have no issues.

My system has comprised of 32Gb’s of ram, AMD 5800x and a 6800XT which was previously getting around 140 fps until the latest update. Now, it’s only getting 50 fps and goes down to as low as 29 fps. There have been a couple of recent driver updates so I may downgrade and see what happens. I’m currently using 21.3.2 and it seems like its in power saving mode as the gpu is only running at 1067MHz rather than 2450MHz which would be “normal”. It’s also only drawing 50% power rather than the normal 280+ watts.

I tested everything and its fine as ever in other games.

Same issue topic, with Radeon GPUs, merged.


Yes. DEF driver issues as I downgraded to 20.12.1 and its back to full speed!

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