Experiencing Sound Issues

Weapon reloading sounds are incomplete or missing.

When there’s a lot of action there’s crackling.

Some sounds are louder or softer than they should be:

  • My Moller PP firing is louder than explosives blowing up in my face.
  • Hitting an enemy with a bat is low pitch, but when it makes the crackle that happens when you hit a critical component it’s deafening.
  • Rival Appearance and Enemy Outpost notifications barely audible.

Sounds sometimes comes out of only one speaker, i.e. My moller reloading only comes out of my left speaker.

Didn’t notice that in that way yet.
I just sometimes have idle sounds of machines (often tanks or harvesters, sometimes seeker, but others, including firebirds, too) at some locations, without the machines there. They seem to come out of nowhere, most times after greater battles.

Additionally in coop my friend and I sometimes don’t hear each others (or for example just I don’t hear his) shots.

Do you have some sound enhancements in your sound card enabled?

Do system speaker output matches your speaker setup? (For example if you use stereo speakers and set 5.1 output there will be a lot of audio missing)

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