Experimental AG 4 modules cannot add em

I have a gold AG4 and an Experimental AG4 i also have 2 vision modules a dual and a full and i have them in my inventory i go to select it and i cannot put it on my weapon neither of them they are in my inventory but i cannot add them on the AG4 . Searching online it says both types of AG4s can take all three kinds of moduals its our choice which one of the three we wanna attach . I had a pink experimental ag4 last year and it was fully equipped with a full vision no problems. PLEASE some one help i have customized it and the only thing i need to add is the vision module but i cant some one help :)) Thank you much appreciated

You need the 1-4x Rifle scope or 4-8x Rifle Scope equipped on the AG4 to equip Vision Modules

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OHHHH lol i have a red dot scope dang ok thank you i will go re equip ! much appreciated happy robot hunting lol