Experimental AG-5 Codename "Oden" 3 options!

Looks like the Automatkarbin 5 C Variant. And instead of the standard scope mount that goes up to 1-4x scope it can now mount a 4-8x to make its experimental feature more effective. Let me present two options for the Experimental AG-5 Codename “Oden”


What version sounds would you recommend ?
    1. Guided
    1. Recoilless
    1. Silenced

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  1. " Guided ammunition " ( Better long range performance )
    As it sounds this makes the main feature of the AG-5 to have guided bullets.
    Now you automatically think “oh so it just make you always hit the target then”. Well yes BUT that’s not it not only does it make it so that you always hit the target that you have in your Scope crosshair.
    These bullets will automatically hit exposed critical parts 65% of the time! otherwise it will just hit the armour plates.

( This gun carries a 15% damage increase than the standard Five Star AG-5 )

! NOTE ! These Features only activates beyond 130 meters

  • Pros
    Saves Ammunition
    Shots beyond 160 Meters Will always hit the target

  • Cons
    Wont hit critical parts 100% of the time even if you are aiming at them
    ( only If you are outside 130 Meters )

  1. " Recoilless " ( A much better AG-5 )
    As it sounds this makes the gun have -90% recoil. The addition of a vertical grip and a Experimental Compensator makes the gun much more effective targets at targeting long distance targets. Under testing Engineers discovered that the force of the gas pressure shot the Experimental Compensator off the barrel. Therefore They have integrated it into the Design of the Barrel. This made the bullets have a higher Velocity that increase stopping power a bit. now the New Weight of the barrel has made the gun less accurate when firing from the Hip!.
  • Pros
    Virtually Recoilless
    Higher Muzzle Velocity than the Standard Five star AG-5
    This gun carries a 25% damage increase than the standard Five Star AG-5

  • Cons
    You can no longer mount a Silencer or Barrel extender.

  1. " Silenced " ( Sneaky & Deadly )
    As it sounds this makes the gun virtually soundless except for the guns Bolt chambering a new round.
    Now because this gun no longer has a Way to Cool down the barrel. Engineers have added a burst mode and Removed the Full auto mode !. this gun can only fire in bursts of 3 / Semi-Auto mode but Unexpectedly when implementing the New Customised Barrel to The gun now seems to have Twice the stopping power! because the gun no longer has a Compensator you have more recoil than usual.
  • Pros
    This gun carries a 2X Damage Increase than the standard Five Star AG-5.
    This gun have been permanently silenced.
    You now have Burst Firing mode

  • Cons
    You can no longer mount barrel attachments.
    Full- Auto has been Removed !
    The recoil has been increased by 20% than the 5 star AG-5

I have improved The logical explanation’s and separated Recoilless & Silenced and given them Their own Special traits.

Personally I don’t think we need more experimental weapons. We have all the weapons we could dream of.

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That’s your personal opinion but me personally want more so yea :slight_smile:

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Personally i also dont think we need more experimental weapons, storage is getting smaller with each new weapon pack and Island Dlc is nowhere to be seen.


What about a net shooter or something like that as a AG5 Exp to entangle enemy’s?

While I like the idea of the overpowered experimental AG5, I do have to point out that your ideas didn’t include any attempt to balance the weapon. For example, the experimental KVM59 will shock you to death if your targets are too close, or that you will burn yourself to a crisp if you’re using the tar ammo without using health packs when you start burning. While not every weapon has something like this, an example being the exp PVG90, it’s important to think about it.

Take the “guided ammunition”, something like having all those buffs, but make it a 10 round mag without the ability to use an attachment to increase the mag size and only the single fire option available.

And the “recoilless & silenced”, to start off with these two should be their own separate options. Either have a built in suppressor that quiets the gun down drastically, or a built in heavy muzzle break that reduced the recoil. That’s not even getting into the negatives you would need to balance the individual weapons, so I’ll separate the two.

For the suppressed weapon, it would probably have to be something like the PVG90, but where the PVG turns all ammo into ultra penetrating ammo, this would turn all ammo into sub sonic ammo, which would also mean a stronger damage falloff with distance (that means less range stat). That would explain why the weapon was much quieter than it’s counter parts. Finally, it would be a definite no to being able to add a barrel extender on it, as it would defeat the purpose of quieting down the weapon.

For the “recoilless” version, lets give this a bit of thought, but again, no on the barrel extension. Perhaps an additional -10% damage when in automatic mode, which could be negated with the skill at the bottom right of the combat tree. Probably a Kg or so heavier, because if you’re going full auto, you’re going to need a heavier barrel to handle the heat and some form of heat sink to quickly bleed off the heat, might even use the same system as the exp KVM89. I’d change the heat system used for the KVM89 for this gun a bit, something like massively reduced accuracy while in the red, but definitely not stopping the gun from firing.

Just a few thoughts, and hopefully some inspiration for some new and interesting ideas on your end.