Experimental ammo

Well, base building is optional and you can still play the GZ as usual.

I haven’t played Fallout 4, so i have no clue what’s going on there but i’ve played 7D2D, back in the A18.2. Nice game, especially without zeds. Then again, mechanics in 7D2D are completely different, allowing you to build anywhere (similar to Minecraft).

Base building is not totally optional, you have to participate if you want those experimental ammo schematics.

Thou you can just do easy runs until you have them, and pretty much no need to build base. Just couple walls to protect the truck, to make sure it wont fail.

Well, base building isn’t mandatory. But if you want to have additional content, then, yes, you need to do something for it.

There are other optional aspects in the game:
Assignments → Apex Connect account
Experimental weapons → Rivals
3* and up apparel schems → Rivals
“Mjölnir” → Reaper

Well now we have the exp ammo I wanted but not in the way I wanted.
Lets now hope the devs will tweak them to reduse the overuse of two guns.
At least with the new ammo types other weapons can be a little bit stronger and be therefore more usefull.

Aesyle, I think this is GREAT idea!
While the experimental weapons are a brilliant addition to the game environment, the thought of getting those experimental capabilities through limited ammo instead adds a tremendous longevity value to the long-term play strategy.
I would be pleased to see that idea implemented and refined by the developers.
Thanks for the suggestion!! Good job mate!

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About that,

In the latest, Resistance update (spoiler, click here to read)

Limited, experimental ammo was actually added to the game. And almost the same way as i suggested it. :smile:

After successful base defense, you get the crafting schematic for that experimental ammo (there are several types) and that experimental ammo can be used with any weapon that supports that ammo type. E.g 9mm handgun HEAT rounds, that can be used by Klaucke and N9.

I’d like to continue this conversation here.

Medical slug on exp. shotgun has great griefing potential with this knockback, although it heal as advanced FAK (for comparison, .50 med. heals ~33 hp)

HCPD (Corrosive HEDP for CarlG) round, I think would be great as “corrosive smoke” (like mili-hunter’s tear gas that works on machines too), instead of usual explody one with lingering damage over time.

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I have some of the experimental ammo types unlocked and i’ve tested only few of those.

From what i’ve tested, i could tell much difference with 9mm SMG Corrosive ammo, even when using it with 6* Kpist Overdrive mode for synergy. :thinking: I did see the Corrosive animation on a machine but couldn’t tell a difference if machine armor was damaged more due to this.

9mm SMG Explosive ammo is nice. It leaves behind small explosives that attach to any surface (including machines) and work similarly to 6* 12G shotty explosive flechettes, where they explode some time afterwards for additional damage.

Even managed to capture few of those elusive devices when they landed on a wall:

I also agree that High-Corrosive Dual-Purpose rounds would work better as Corrosive Smoke, rather than direct hit, as they currently are.

I finally reached Tylöveden on my current playthrough and am wondering whether the char can obtain exp. ammo blueprints below level 25? Or is it like with the exp. weapons that you need to have your char at or above level 25?


I asked the same question in a different thread. @Aesyle said the requirements don’t apply to the schematics.


As quoted above, there is no level requirement to obtain experimental consumables schematics.

I’ve personally tested it, with my 1st char, that i wiped. Base defence missions are great sources of XP and i’ve gotten exp schem always, despite my char at the earliest time was lvl12 and now is lvl23.


Thank you for the info. Really appreciate it :slight_smile:


Unfortunatelly the implementation of experimental ammo is exactly the opposite of what I hoped it would be. Instead of make it necessary for exp weapons to have their stronger effect and limit that way their overusage, the additional effect comes on top of the effect of exp weapons. At least the ammo suppy is limited due to the uranium.

Though, that system isn’t flawless since i’ve seen a report where 7.62mm Shock ammo removed 6* KVM 59 chain-lighting ability. → Experimental KVM 59 - chain lightning stopped working

But i agree that the experimental ammo should not be able to used with experimental weapons (for double-effect), or the very least, only keep one effect.

However, devs have made things vice-versa, where some exp ammo types have synergies with exp weapons, boosting the exp ammo benefit when used with correct exp weapon.

If there was no ammo limit, then players with cool guns would be completely invincible. Still, invincible characters are not that interesting.

Is experimental ammo available right now cause I’ve been grinding my base today and never got or found any(I play on PS4) could someone help?

You have defend the home base on Tylöveden mountain in Forest region. After winning you should get one exp. schematic.
And there’s an hour cooldown before you can go base defend again. Also the region level need to get back up again. A pop-up will tell you when base defending is available again.

Perhaps that was just with the first 3 times, because part of the mission. Later it should have that cooldown of an hour, and the bringing the region level back up again, each time.

Probably. It should not work that way.
Anyway time for a movie.

Is there a certain difficulty in order to obtain the schematics?