Experimental Granatgevar needs a toggle for 2 rockets or 1

What the title says, using two electromagnetic rockets seems like a waste for example, or if a bigger bot like a tank is close to dying that second rocket could potentially go to waste. The only way i can get one rocket is switching it out after loading the first one in but that takes time.

Yes, that’s the negative side effect of the experimental granatgevär.

Some of the experimental weapons, not all of them, have a negative side effect. With the exp kvm59 you can toast yourself. The exp klauke just has a Chance for an EMP, the exp älgstudsare is hard to aim with, the exp kpist runs out of ammo fast, the exp kvm89 can overheat, the exp 12G has switched behaviours for the different ammo types (especially range) and most of the experimental ammo types and the experimental health kits also have a negative effect.

That’s what the devs originally wanted for them.

If you still want a granatgevär with high damage output, use the 5c version and apply augmentations on it.

just carry 1 rocket at a time, and put the rest in the plundra, if you need another rocket go back to the plundra for another

When I play with the level 6 M46, I use explosive rockets in it and carry a level 5 M46 with the emp. But since the RPG came out, I use it due to the zoomable scope and optic options.

Level 6 is the same as level 5 but double shot. And the level 5 can be upgraded.

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Sure? I think 6c has higher damage values (maybe because of the doubleshot?).

The 5c RPG also has a higher damage value than the 5c granatgevär.

I use the 6c granatgevär against machines (Wait for a harvester to call in reinforcements, then shoot on the Harvester when they arrive: booooom), especially the EMP ammo sometimes against firebirds, and an augmented 5c RPG against bases (just two shots for the FNIX command center, and a single shot for a Lot of wall segments!).