Experimental KVM 59 Lag

I’m playing on ps4 with four players and any time one or more players has the experimental kvm 59 equipped, the chain lighting effect makes the game lag, especially on Base Assault. I’ve elected to use the PM-71 from the Eastern European weapons pack just to increase the game stability during Base Assault but one time the FNIX base froze completely. I’m not sure if there’s a bug affecting XP around level 26 or it’s just normal

A friend has the same problem. he plays on Playstation4 and I play on Playstation5 coop online. If we have large amounts of machines like for example in a FNIX base then his game freezes or crashes completely. But we found out that it has more to do with the internet. Maybe you should play on one of your friends’ maps. When my colleague played with me everything was ok. I hope that helps a bit… Otherwise, reinstalling the game used to solve a lot of problems.