Experimental Laser Sight Attachment

Acts as universal sight attachment for guns firing 5.56 & 7.62

Red for experimental guns

Green for 5C

Picture of red for reference


What use will it have, except looking cool? :wink:
Would it alter the overall accuracy in any way?

That would be awesome, especially for sniper rifle to tell where flat-path bullet would land and to allow you to compensate for drop

Cool idea. It could increase the hip fire accuricy like in may other games.
I remember that this idea came up many times in the livestreams and the answer was alway that they doesn’t have them back in this time. Every time I heard that I thought you only have to disassembly it from a Railgun hunter or a rocket doggo.

Nothing but aesthetics 87, I covered this a bit in vision. The hunters and runners have the red laser - surely it could be made into a feature for guns in game…right?