Experimental Schematics

Do all Experimental Schematics have an equal chance to drop from their respective sources, such as the home base defense mission, and attacking FNIX bases?

I don’t know how it works now.

Before there were base assaults there was only one homebase for base defenses. And every time you finished a base defense you got an experimental ammo schematic.

For the most part, Yes

  • Completing a Base defence: You’ll get a Random Experimental Ammo Recipe you don’t have
  • Razing a Fnix base at a Control Point: You’ll have a chance to get a Experimental Ammo Recipe you don’t have
  • Aquiring the “Tank reward pack” from assignments, You’ll have a chance you get a Random Ammo Recipe*

*The Recipe recieved from the Tank Reward Pack if you already it you can pick it up, put in your stash, or drop for another player, if they pick it up and don’t have it they’ll learn it on pickup ^.~

Screenshot: From "Tank Reward Pack"

Screenshot: From Razed Fnix Control point Rewards