Experimental sledgehammer

Hello…I have every weapon except the Experimental sledgehammer. I killed the reaper twice and NOTHING :smiling_face_with_tear:
Also in multiplayer we killed it and no sledgehammer. I have quite a few other experimentals all in fact but not that .
I am wondering if ANYONE out there has a spare exp. sledgehammer and are willing to part with one and I could have it please or i can trade something for it . I hope someone can help me id like to have it very much . Im playing on xbox series x if anyone plays on that i could add you and we can trade or give away …Hoping someone can help me out pleeease :smiley: Thank you everyone :grinning:

A better and more active place to seek other players looking to trade would be the official discord server! Would you like an invite to it?

A little more effort please. Maybe you have some luck.
It took me about two years until I got it.
I don’t know anymore how many reapers I fought, but I destroyed about 4 to get it.

All of the rest, quite more than I destroyed, got killed due to selfdestruction.

That’s the critical thing. Selfdestruction reduces the chance for getting an experimental sledgehammer.

So, good luck.

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i dont use discord sorry .

Im looking t see if someone has a spare extra to give away or trade for?? thats all no harm in that i hope :slight_smile:

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It would help if you state what system you play on.

Haha! I got the Exp. Sledgehammer from my very first Reaper. :sunglasses: …and it took me about 10-12 Reapers to get a second one! :crazy_face: I never use them, though. Or any other melee weapon.

oh sorry lol …i play on xbox series x…

Oh thats awesome …any chance i can take it off your hands :slight_smile:
i can go on add ya if you are on xbox …i play on seris x