Experimental under lvl 25?

So my friend is a lvl 28 as a host, I’m lvl 30 and my friend that just started is a lvl 4. We started a Reaper and after we killed it, my lvl 28 friend got nothing except for ammo, I got an experimental klaucke and my lvl 4 friend got a experimental kpist. Does this normally happen?

I know that the experimentals are´nt supposed to drop for players under a certain level (lvl25 i think) but i think that the reaper is different.
Its not the average rival, but has some unique loot pool items, making me think that its possible that experimental weapons are in the loot pool regardless of your player level.

Im not sure its designed to work that way tho…

Most likely an oversight by the devs. :thinking:
Since for solo player, it takes loads of time to get the region level to 21 or past it + even more time to kill the Reaper. So, for solo game, i guess devs though that no-one is going to spawn and go after the Reaper until they are past level 25 or even at level 31. But what devs didn’t take into account, is multiplayer game.

Quick question. Is the experimental ammo similarly gated, or can low level players gather and equip these?

Since experimental ammo can be obtained only by crafting, there is no level requirement for those. As long as you successfully manage to defend your base, you’ll get one experimental ammo crafting schem per mission/defence + bunch of crafting materials, including Uranium. And sometimes, you can even get apparel crafting schem, that you didn’t have. (I’ve gotten 2-3 apparel schems this way already.) :slight_smile:

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I misspoke, it was the experimental schematics I meant. I was unsure if they were gated the same way as the experimental weapons.

As someone yet to try these for real, it seems odd on the face of it to let players loose with shock ammo etc. yet make them wait for the experimental weapons.

In the forums, i’ve seen some folks talking about level locking the experimental schems as well. Or make it otherwise less available.

We’ll see what devs do with those. Most likely, reducing the amount you can craft at once. Since while some you can craft only 100 rounds per craft (e.g .243 HEAT), others you can craft 400 rounds (e.g 9mm handgun Shock) or even 500 rounds (e.g 5.56mm Corrosive).

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As someone who’d rather not have to engage with the base building or horde mode, I’d appreciate them being added to the rival loot pool and gated in the usual manner.

Although with the loot pool as bloated as it is, I recognise that it would take far longer to get them. I’m not sure I’ve even managed to complete my set of clothing schematics thanks to the fact I keep getting duplicates!

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