Experimental weapons and their possible prototypes

Hello everyone!2day I wanna speak about experimental weapons ;))I hear a lot of different opinions about this add on in the game and want to share with you my ideas.As for me,those guns are lil bit upgraded version of standard weaponry(I call ‘em MARK 2 weapons for myself;))with mostly useless effects (excluding PVG-90,it’s really nice😎) and can not count as experimental exemplars.I think truly X-weapons could be based on the different principles:
1. Brand new ammunition types or case less ammo
2. Extremely powerful therefore difficult to access and can only be available in the later stages of the game
3. Should be disposable with the impossibility of carrying more than one in the inventory
4. Impossible to use for shooting from the hands (except small arms and throwable),can’t be equipped to the weapon slot(in the inventory looks like a weapon box and requires unpacking for use on the principle of ammo boxes and paramedics kits)
5. Can’t be transferred to another player or placed in your PLUNDRA(when attempting such an action is automatically unpacked for firing)
6. After the ammunition run out,it is dumped to the ground and self-destruct

From my point of view,the best way to classify x-weapons-split them on the 3 categories:
• Small arms
• Support weapons
• Throwable weapons

Part 1.
Small arms.
Most popular and common weaponry in the world’s armies in the 80s.
After the start of clashes with machines, all previous weapons showed their complete failure in the fight against robots. Based on the data obtained, the following requirements for weapons of the next generation were developed:
1. Brand new caliber to effectively pierce robots armor and destroy their components:
4,5x26 mm (Interdynamics AB MKR)
4.73x33 mm (Heckler&Koch G-11)
12,7x55 mm (АSh-12)
2. Increased capacity magazine (50-75 rounds)
3. High rate of fire (700-1000 rounds per minute)
All this provides effective fire and enemy permanent destruction on the close and medium distances.In game damage could be the same as 5* PVG-90.

Part 2.
Support weapons.
Extremely powerful but heavy weapons.Here I can split class for 2 sub-categories:Rocket launchers and anti material sniper rifles.

2.1. AT and AA portable launchers.

Provides effective and instant destruction of even the most protected targets with a single shot.Could be equipped with thermobaric,tandem or cluster warhead.Deployment to the position is required, after the shot the empty tube is dropped to the ground.Every box contains only one,armed,rocket,but deadly for any target.

2.2 Anti material rifles.

Long range,heavy support weapon.As a result of heavy weight it is mounted on a bipod or tripod, but despite its massiveness and small magazine capacity (3-5 round),it has tremendous firepower capable of stopping even the most thick-skinned opponents.
Possible munition:
14,5x114 mm
20x82 mm
20x120 mm
Also,equipped with powerful 8x56 scope.
Perfect choice for fight against Hunters.One shot-one target.Devil power in compact body.

Part 3
Throwable weapons
Useful tools for ambushes and sudden attacks.Experimental “clever” mines and grenades specially orientated on fight against machines.

How obtain experimental weapons.

I believe that the best and most logical way,to get those weapons,is the airdrop by planes.This may explain where the weapons came from and why it’s equipped with self destruct function.I think that this may be a randomly generated mission with a timer that is available to the player once every 24 hours of real time. The player receives a radio signal with the coordinates of the airdrop and the order to inspect it, the timer starts at the same time. Upon arrival, the player discovers that the signal emitted by the cargo attracted the attention of an enemy nearby(1 APO/FNIX Tank,2-4 APO/FNIX Hunters,4-6 APO/FNIX Runners,1-2 Seekers).The main task is to recapture the cargo and destroy the enemies before supply drop health bar runs out.If everything goes well, the player receives the contents of the cargo, which may consist of first-aid kits,munitions, parts of clothing, experimental weapons boxes,blueprints for homemade weapons craft(if crafting will be available).Each x-weapon’s box (6 cells in player’s inventory required) could be equipped with following munitions quantity:
•Small Arms (100-120 rounds)
•Support weapons (1 fully armed rocket launcher or 5 rounds for Anti material rifle)
•Throwable weapons (1-2 mines/grenades)
I think that all of the above will allow you to hold a balance between the power of weapons and accessibility for the player.Also I will be very happy to see what you thinking about this;)))

P.S. For those who think that my vision of x-weaponry could brake in game balance.
X-weapons always too powerful.Cuz they made specially for fight not only with existing military technologies but also with future prototypes.Good example is Soviet made АН602 hydrogen bomb(101,5 megaton of TNT),it’s never been used but 1 exemplar still exist.
Happy hunting,Comrades !!!

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Some good photos;)))image image

image RBS70_1

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I am requesting a revamped model for the Exp. 59’er.

I like to see the current powers removed, and added a Balancer system based on gyroscopes.
This system should greatly decrease recoil and weapon swing, and in combination with Marksman even give “perfect” shooting (ie Ammo Grouping) over 250m.
While the current version can have a RedDot aim, the MKII would have option to mount the 1x4, 4x8, maybe even the 12x8 OR a special for this machine gun 10x8 scope.

On a different note: the RedDot for KVM weapons are not calibrated, the red dot is a tad too high set?
Can someone please confirm?

While some might think, this is OP, remember that the current version is FAR more powerful, and thus this version would be doable, power wise.

It is NOT!!! to replace the current Exp 59’er, but to add a different type, promptly named 59 MKII Marksman Edition.

Perhaps it cound be nice if there were more of these Exp versions that had a “more down to Earth” version, so we could still use this 6Crown class weapons, but without these being so ridiculously OP as is…

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You gave me a like, can I assume you agree, sir?
And if so, what powers would you give the other Exp weapons, if I may ask?

I’d love to see your ideas in this matter, really. :slight_smile:

Rather than reworking experimental KVM 59, which isn’t too OP, since when you are in close range, you will get zapped, you could ask that ability for KVM 89.

However, what you are asking is basically .50 cal with automatic fire and 200+ round mag, making your idea the most OP weapon in the game. With this, there is no need to have any other weapon in the game, what-so-ever.

It depends on a range since each weapon have different zero distance. Since LMGs are close-range weapons and if you are trying to use them as sniper rifles, they will have considerable bullet drop at longer ranges, giving you the result of Red Dot being higher than the actual bullets are landing at.

Remember, bullets in GZ have real-life characteristics of bullet drop and they travel in an elongated arc. Bullets in GZ aren’t lasers that travel in a straight line, defying gravity.


I do not like 5.56mm that much, miss. :slight_smile:

Miss, I did not ask for an increased rate of fire, nor a heavier round.
Only a gyroscope system to improve aim. O_O

Yes, I noticed it hard on the 59’er, other weapons have this a lot less.
It’s a tad annoying to me, as I prefer a more ranged style combat… :slight_smile:

Thank you, miss.

How about an experimental scope with target tracking. Or AG5 smart rifle that track and target enemies

Hello Sir)I mostly agree with your ideas about exp. weaponry rebalance.But for LMG I could advise not gyroscope system but possibility to use it’s bipods)))this way will be reduced recoil and better precision + scope for mid/long distances :sunglasses:
My exp. weapon idea:
Klaucke pistol - unwanted
KPIST - caseless munitions (like in German G-11,higher damage,bigger magazine (mbe drum))
Shotgun - dragon breath munitions (burning effect,mbe with white phosphorus)
AG-4 - new 7,62 tracer/AP ammo or chance to shoot with rifle grenades.
KVM-59 Micro cumulative ammunition effect
PVG-90 - RAUFOS ammo or gauss rifle effect
M48 - keep tandem rocket but much higher damage cuz it’s AT weapon
Also,I wish to see exp. land mines with permanent EMP effect))

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LMG - is squad support weapon and have comfortable “work” distance till 300-400m and usually equipped with x4-x6 scopes (ELCAN,ACOG).High caliber machine guns (12,7 and higher) like NSV UTES already going with optic and could be used like semi-auto anti material rifles if necessary :wink:
About “bullet drop” you mean Coriolis force?!If yes,it’s not really working well in GZ cuz players can’t shot on the distances longer 300m

Bipod is not so much Exp stuff, is it. :wink:
Besides, when fighting machines, the last thing you should do is go prone, unless you’re far enough out.
And bipod would be useless on the move… :slight_smile:

As for your ideas: these actually seem to do darn much damage.
A wee OP, I would say?
I personally aimed for less OP EXP variants here…
Then again, I think many would like those.
That I would not like them, does not mean, others would as well… :slight_smile:

The LMG work range is more like 300–1,000m, and one uses sight adjustments.
It is a FIRE SUPPORT weapon, not a “close combat weapon” so to speak, sir.
Where did you get:

from, sir?

Yes, and the effective range of .50 cal (Barrett M82A1) is 1800m. However, since we can’t see machines past 400m in GZ, all those real-life effective ranges must be scaled down.

Ranges in GZ go more-or-less like so:
0m - 50m = very close range
50m - 100m = close range
100m - 200m = medium range
200m - 300m = long range
300m - 400m = very long range

No. As per “bullet drop” i mean External Ballistics and the effect of gravity on bullets, that pulls all fired bullets downwards, to the ground.

This gives the real-life feel of bullets not traveling on a straight line but instead in an arc. With this and when firing at longer distances, you need to elevate your sights to get bullets landing on target. Though, different weapons have different bullet drop ratio. But the two best ones to test it with, are HP5 and .44 Magnum.

Oh, players can shoot well past 300m, even well past 400m. The furthest that i’ve personally seen is about 850m. However, since machine spawn-in distance is 400m, it doesn’t do any good that your bullets travel further than that.

This was actually part of my reply which was quoted by using “”, rather than quote box. I have now rectified the quoting above and it displays properly now.


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Mbe then exoskeleton will be best way for ya)))I believe experimental weapons must be OP cuz basically they are just unique exemplars of future weapons​:sunglasses::+1:

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They should be, at ANY class, by balanced, sir.

If we have to be nitpicky… The Kvm 59 is not an LMG but an MMG, Medium Machine Gun that normally requires two operators. But, it’s a video game and the coolness factor makes up for it :sunglasses:

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Not really Sir))With all respect to you,but you are slightly wrong.KSP-58B (KVM-59 in the game) it’s general purpose machine gun with belt feeding system.It’s LMG type because it’s could be used for firing from hands without using tripod or any other base for shooting.I am fully agree with you about coolness factor :sunglasses::+1:

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The KSP58B is literally described as an MMG by the Swedish Armed Forces. It was never meant to be operated by a single soldier. A General Purpose Machinegun can either be an LMG or an MMG, but the role that was given to the weapon in the swedish army was Medium Machine Gun.

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@Zesiir You’re right. It would make no sense to develop that kind of weapon for 1 man to carry around. The MG weighs 11,8 kg, and one single belt of 200 rounds weighs 5,5 kg. Sounds like a 2 man job to me. :wink:

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