Experimental weapons are OP and shouldn’t be in game

I’ve honestly have never gone for an experimental weapon because they are just too overpowered. Like, why have robots when you can snipe them from a mile away with an electrical, gauss powered 50 cal. Why have robots when you can shred them with an electrical sub machine gun who’s fire rates can shoot through the roof with just a click of a button. The making of apocalypse robots was a desperate attempt to lower the standard for these ridiculously futuristic weapons, but it only made the bar rise. With these weapons, you don’t even get a shiver down you’re spine when you see an apocalypse tank lumbering towards you. Now even I can understand why the runners retreat when they see you.

You have the option of not using it, and if you want a challenge do you by any chance have the Alpine Unrest? The tanks are sponges and the Hunters are OP, they can kill you in seconds :sweat_smile:
What should change is the damage inflicted by players to enemies in multiplayer, it makes the game easier than it should be.


I’m not sure I understand the point of this topic. You choose not to use experimental weapons, but complain about them anyway? They’re meant to be powerful, to give you an edge when facing down tougher opponents. There’s no ‘Press X to win’ button, you’re either quick… Or you’re dead.


The best alternative to using the Kpist experimental use 32. Rounds the weakest ones you can find at the starter island that should Balance the weapon by quite abit in my opinion

Finally got the experimental .50 cal and I’m enjoying it immensely so no to nerfing the experimentals.

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This is HIS thought… are they op… Yes and no if you are playing on adventure yes they most certainly are op… stay in the harder difficulties to make the game more stressfully if you want… I’m always on guerilla so I use what I get… heck I’m still just rocking my 4 crown ag4 and 5 but still have my exp kvm from MONTHS AGO stored in my box if needed… But again like he said he CHOOSES not to use em to make the game more enjoyable and I choose to use them since I’m playing higher difficulties I need the slight edge

Also the kvm is the only exp since when I put Fenix rising on it reset my game but not what I had stored away which