Experimental weapons earned in FNIX base raids don't work

For some reason when I earn an experimental weapon in a base raid and I assign it to a slot I can’t take it out or use it by pressing the hotkey or through the weapon wheel. If I try to scroll to the weapon it just skips over it. The Experimental weapon i got from rivals work fine though I only got one that way.

Hi. Can you attach a video of such a situation?

How odd. I have never had issues with experimentals obtained that way.

To be true, I don’t know.
As I have almost all experimentals for a very long time (except the sledgehammer), I just recycle the ones I get by rivals or as rewards.

But of course the devs have to look at every point of view.

I found a workaround If you drop the weapons on the ground and then pick them up it seems fine I also got one from a base defence mission and It worked fine upon getting it.

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