Experimental weapons lvl

What level do you need to be before experimental weapons drop I got my first one today I am level 28

My friend is 26 he hasn’t found one…also anybody know the drop chances? . Only been playing a few week still learning.

Noob :rofl: thanks for any help guys

You need to be level 25. Chances are random. Good luck on the hunt. :ok_hand:

Level four rivals are your best chance :wink:

You need to be level 25. (Supposedly the Rivals on Himfjall can drop them at low levels, but I’ve never verified.)

As for the drop chance? No one knows. Each enemy type, class, and Rival level, have their own drop tables. Any Rival can drop the Experimentals. Even Hunters and Prototypes can drop them. But, the odds are vary wildly.

Thanks for the help guys

Yes, yes, and yes.

Level 25 required
Random chance
Higher level Rival = better chance

Also, in multiplayer, items are random for players, from the same rival.